Unlimited and terabyte plans in little demand: iiNet

Unlimited and terabyte plans in little demand: iiNet

Summary: Less than 5 percent of iiNet's customer base have taken up a broadband plan that offers more than 500GB a month, the company's chief regulatory officer Steve Dalby has revealed.


Whether it be a terabyte per month, or a totally unlimited plan, Australian consumers appear to be steering clear of large bandwidth plans.

Speaking in a Reddit ask me anything thread, Steve Dalby, chief regulatory officer of Australia's second largest fixed ISP, iiNet, said that the company had not seen demand for its 1TB for AU$90 per month offering.

"iiNet already offer a 1TB plan and less than 5 percent of our customers have signed up for it," he said. "If the demand increases and costs keep falling, we'll keep reviewing our plans and consider offering more quota. We also have an unlimited plan via our JIVA brand. Very few subscribed to that either."

Dalby bemoaned the state of NBN debate in the country, saying the discussion lacked leadership and neither of the major parties seemed to know why the NBN is important.

"The only schoolyard conversation is along the lines of 'you stink', 'no you stink more', rather than focusing on job creation, export opportunities, regional development, industry development, social dividends (education, health, etc)," he said.

"It would be really excellent if Cabinet saw it as an enabler for economic growth, rather than a cost that had to be cut."

Talking about the company's simmering feud with movie studios, Dalby issued a blunt warning to Hollywood that it needed to move with the times, or face the consequences.

"Adapt or die, dudes, it's the internet," Dalby said. "These guys are not isolated, think Australia Post; free to air TV; bricks and mortar retail; airlines; film photography; bookstores."

"The demise of Blockbuster is indicative of failure to adapt to change."

As the Commonwealth Government secretly negotiates the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), and goes through the process of final sign off on its Korean, and Japanese free trade agreements — all three of which have the potential to impact copyright laws in Australia — Dalby struck out at the methods of arriving at such deals.

"It's a crappy way to act in the best interests of your country," he said. "TPP — As a general principle, negotiating secret trade agreements that impact on industry, and the general public is not a good look. I don't like it or support it."

"If these faceless negotiators were acting in our interests, we wouldn't end up with more surveillance, less rights and reduced control over our economic activity ... Would we ?"

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  • Large Bandwidth plans cost too much!

    I couldn't help but note the irony when an ISP exec talks about business failing because they don't adapt to change, when the ISP's effectively work as an oligopoly, charging large monthly fees for a similar service that's offered for next to nothing in other countries. The wonderful visions associated with the NBN are just that; visions. People don't sign up because they want to make a political statement. Dude, they don't sign up because it costs too much! $90 per month for downloads, $90 per month for the phone, $90 per month for the pay TV....Jeez mate, if we were on your wage it probably wouldn't be noticed, but for the rest of us, it's too much!
    Rowan Williams
    • Correction

      $90 for 1 TB $30 for phone and $30 for Fetch of course you can replace Fetch with Quickflix or iTunes if you wish and a phone with VOIP/Skype for far less
  • unlimited

    If iinet offered unlimited I would get it.nbn work has started on my area so unlimited would be awesome.cant see iinet offering unlimited but.
  • I like Steve

    "If these faceless negotiators were acting in our interests, we wouldn't end up with more surveillance, less rights and reduced control over our economic activity ... Would we ?"

    He's a very sensible man...
  • Steve Dalby

    Steve may be interested to know that my current plan with another ISP other than iiNET is $59.95 for phone and unlimited data. The nearest I could get to with iiNET is $149.90 for 500G. iiNet Home-5 Turbo 119.95 + Phone 29.95 = $149.90

    So its not that I and people like me, (which in fact may be more than 5% out there) are steering clear of large bandwidth plans, its because we are steering clear of iiNet broadband plans which are priced more than 100% above the market rate.
    • Another ISP

      Which ISP? what harm would it do if you named your ISP?

      In any case have you tried their cheaper brand Jiva?
      • TPG

        You don't get to try things on a 24 month contract.

        Its $79/month and also only on iiNet DSLAMS which are not on my exchange.
        • So basically

          You compare an off-net plan from one provider to TPG on their equipment.

          In any case the contention ratio on TPG tends to be very bad leading to significant degradation of speed which I would not be happy with for me paying extra for a better connection is a far better option than a crap connection to save a few bucks.
  • I would if I could use it....

    Currently on ADSL I get about 2.5Mb/s thanks to being about 4km from the exchange and 2 bridge taps on the line. I could download at max speed for the entire month and still not get through a 1TB plan. Even at 10Mb/s you would need to download non stop for about half the month to use it all.

    If I had a connection that could handle HDTV streaming to multiple devices that I would happily upgrade so that I can get the most out of it. In the mean time Ill stick to my plan costing half as much.