US spies use own version of Wikipedia

US spies use own version of Wikipedia

Summary: It seems US spooks are harnessing 'Web 2.0' ideas.

TOPICS: Security

It seems US spooks are harnessing 'Web 2.0' ideas. According to Reuters, the office of the US director of national intelligence John Negroponte has revealed Intellipedia, which allows intelligence analysts and other officials to collaboratively add and edit content on the government's classified Intelink Web.

Introduced in April, Intellipedia has now grown to 28,000 pages, and is open to 16 US agencies, according to Reuters. The intelligence community has acknowledged the increased possibility of leaks to the press, the news wire said.

Topic: Security

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  • US spys use own version of Wikipedia

    See, Wikipedia took ages to sink down to its current levels of hearsay and disinformation: this one looks built for that from the start!
    Alastair Graham