Users go wild for BBM for Android, says BlackBerry

Users go wild for BBM for Android, says BlackBerry

Summary: The pent-up demand for BBM among Android users seems to be immense. The company says an unauthorized pre-release copy of the program posted online drew in 1.1 million users in the first 8 hours, causing network problems. Too good to be true?

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BlackBerry apologized Saturday for issues in the BlackBerry Messenger network. That was the bad news. The good news was that the "issues" were caused, the company says, by unexpected load from 1.1 million users of unauthorized copy of the BlackBerry for Android app. The company will pause the global rollout of BBM for iOS and Android for the time being.

It's an odd development, as the problem and shutdown were on the same day that BBM for Android was released to the public. And even though the iOS version was not to be available until Sunday, September 22, the problem report on Saturday, September 21 says that iOS users who already have the app can continue to use it.

The unauthorized copy of the Android version has been blocked from the network. Users who want to know when the authorized copies are available can sign up at the BBM home page.

The outage for positive reasons may seem like convenient marketing to cover for a network problem, but BBM remains a major asset for BlackBerry, although generally outside of the US. The @BBM twitter feed, which appears only to have been active a few days, has over 200,000 followers.

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  • yeah ya know

    I went to install the app then I talked to some friends and found that the thing would be useless as the last of them ditched Blackberry about 2 to 3 months ago.
    • BBM4ALL

      BBM is not used to just message people who have BlackBerry's it can be used for Android users to iPhone users
      • Privacy

        And it doesn't send your friends and family's phone numbers to store on a server somewhere. Hope it gets the proper attention.
      • Yeah but!

        None of them install it because they don't need it and hence, I still have no need for the client.
  • In other news...

    ... O.J. Simpson claims he's innocent.
  • Users go wild for BBM for Android

    Last week they went wild for BBM, after the weekend, they are now MAD (as in real angry) for BBM. After this fiasco, Whatsapp, Kik, Hangouts, Viber, Kakaotalk, Line, etc doesn't look half as bad, maybe even better. Their status has improved a zillion times compared to BBM.
    Mc Wong
  • Wild demand ... Err DDOS Attack

    An unofficial copy comes out early... and the servers are overwhelmed. Rumors of recent ex employees (or soon to be ex employees) deleting files...

    Yeah smells like a Distributed Denial Of Service Attack, but that's just pure speculation. :-)
  • TIP

    If you were able to download the app you can learn how to set your BBM Animated Avatar at