Video: Will the internet run out of space?

Video: Will the internet run out of space?

Summary: In late April, Australian breakfast television broke the dire revelation that the internet was near capacity and would soon be full. So with CeBIT underway, we took the opportunity to ask the punters what they thought of the impending disaster.

TOPICS: Browser, Broadband, CEBIT

video In late April, Australian breakfast television broke the dire revelation that the internet was near capacity and would soon be full. So with CeBIT underway, we took the opportunity to ask the punters what they thought of the impending disaster.

When the verdict came down, it was clearly on the side that the "Great Internet Spillage of 2009" is not going to occur — disaster averted!

Ratbags is's light-hearted look at the Australian technology scene. Previously we've chased Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer all around Sydney, set fire to and microwaved a bunch of hard disks and asked people what they think of Windows 7 — or was it KDE4? And we've even interviewed Fake Stephen Conroy in a hidden location.

Topics: Browser, Broadband, CEBIT


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  • Can you unclog my tubes?

    There's all this red junk in 'em. Please!
  • Terrific Reactions

    I love the reactions from that stupid statement made by the "Gadget Guy"
  • This is the best thing I have ever seen on ZDNet ever.

    Now will someone in the tech media please smack the Gadget Guy in the face if they ever run into him at an event?
  • *sigh*

    OMG Why are there so many fools at this conference? It hurts my brain to think how stupid some people are.

    Mel, you're an idiot. Kochie...well you're just evolution gone wrong.
  • Gadget guy...

    i have met him at numerous events in sydney.

    thank you for not letting him get away with talking complete crap once again.
  • Full Pipes? Fail.

    I used to wonder why there was a distinction between 'investigative journalists' and the rest. Now I know. Evidence please.
    I'm betting Gadget Twits astounding pronouncements were based on

    Hillarious, geez I can't believe sunrise made such a big blunder...
  • internet filling up

    I didn't hear about this story at all, but by filling up wouldn't they mean it running out of addresses for everyone to use as there are more people using it all the time. I read ages ago somewhere that the current internet system doesn't have enough physical addresses available for the amount of people that will be going to get online in the next few years. Thats why they are trying to switch things over to IVP6 or "internet 2" as it has more physical addresses available to cater for more of the population getting online in the future.
  • Where is the Gov on this?

    The Gov should give away the idea of filtering and instead spend that money to supply, free to all users, "Internet siphoning hoses" that can be attached to Modems and keep it drained!

    Oh the calamity if it filled up! :-D
  • Official Response

    Our response to the notion of the internet filling up is to launch a multi-pronged analysis of the issue by forming an over-seeing committee that will investigate the tubes for blockages.

    A cost analysis will be performed to satisfy Senator Minchin, and it will be reviewed by Infrastructure Australia, though I do believe that our Fibre 'Boxes' will have sufficient fibre to clear blockages leaving for a swift easy movement.
  • I think you mean...

    logical addresses, physical address are MAC addresses used by all networking components.
  • New web site started about it

    This is what I was talking about that I heard of many years ago. This site just started up trying to get people to change to IPV6. They say IPV4 addresses will run out in 2011 which is getting to close for comfort. Doesn't sound like it's anything to laugh at. All these comments seem to be turning this story into a joke but it is a very serious problem for people and businesses who depend on the internet to make a living.
  • absurd journalism

    maybe his mailbox filled up and his extensive knowledge of 'gadgets' led him to believe that the internet was full. :p good grief.
    i have to say, having lived in australia for two years now. the internet here is fine. if you want to experience horrible slow web access, try living across the tasman for a couple of months.
  • The really plan ahead, don't they?

    Why not just jump straight to IPV8? Filling up is not an issue, clogging up due to lack of bandwidth as more and more streaming takes over our bandwidth is already a problem. Our national Internet Roll-out is supposed to be 100Mb/s. Why so slow? That's the current UK standard speed at a whopping great $30 per month fixed rate.
  • The interviewer is the biggest joke.

    Learn to use a bloody microphone!!
    Its not that hard, point it at your face when you talk.
  • This goes to show how **** stupid Australians are
  • If we went to the US of A similar things would happen. The general population of where ever you go is quite uninformed about how the Internet works. Not everyone is a "tech wizard/guru". Which if you think about it, means the general population thinks you either trained your whole life to be good at technology (guru) or magic (wizard).... 'Nuff said
  • Lol I'm sure the US has a bigger reputation for having an ignorant population. Just google/youtube stupid Americans or sth and you'll know what I'm talking abt.
  • obvious sarcasm is obvious, if you weren't able to tell that ALL of the people in that video were taking the **** then i dunno what to say to you i mean seriously get a clue
  • what a load of friken crap! the bloody interent cant fill up! its almost as bad as that guy saying "the internet is a series of tubes you cant just dump stuff on it" ld say to sunrise to replace there gadget "guru" and report on something productive thats worth there time