A look at high-speed autonomous driving

A look at high-speed autonomous driving

Summary: At JavaOne in San Francisco, Volkswagen's Marcial Hernandez and Sun's Greg Bollella detail Project Bixby, an Audi TTS programmed by Volkswagen and using a Java runtime environment. The vehicle will then be raced on a Rally course against other automated vehicles.


Topics: Open Source, Software Development

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  • "intelligent" highways & vehicles, health data-bases & more evil schemes

    "Intelligent" highways and vehicles, massive, all-inclusive health/
    medical data-base schemes, CRM, HRMS, RFID... Another day,
    another evil scheme.

    So, are there any good, ethical developments coming with/from the
    tech executives' "innovation" propaganda campaign?
    • Huh... you on something?

      What exactly is "evil" and "unethical" about these technologies?
    • Technology is amoral

      Technology is amoral. You can use it for good or for evil.

      It is the individual who chooses to use the technology for evil that is evil.

      This technology has the potential of saving lives. You perhaps are to concerned about the mark of the beast to consider that autonomous transport vehicles would have less crashes than those driven by people.

      Oh sure, you can give all the conspiracy theories and biblical verse warnings you want. That in my opinion is just responding out of fear.

      Fear can palatalize, even unwarranted fear.

      Am I denying the fact that there are people who want to take our freedoms and enslave us?

      Certainly not; I'm just of the opinion that we should squash those bugs when they appear, And not refuse to advance technologically because of what someone might do with the technology.
    • Manmade

      Mankind's creations are not perfect, that is why there's a term innovate and progress. Sure, its your choice to go coast to coast in a horse pulled wagon.

      Humans will do its best to exploit everything. It's on their nature.
    • Human's intelligence is progresive

      I think the innovation will never stop because that obeys to a natural
      design of the human being where his/her intelligence is always

      The challenge is how to use that faculty in a way to be a better society
      and better person. I think that the innovation used in that sense,
      makes a great contribution the economical benefits will come as a

      As one of our colleagues in this discussion the technology and the
      innovation is amoral, the one who is ethical or not is every person
      using right or bad the tech instruments.

      Let's keeping and trying to innovate in the right sense. Now the
      question is? What is good and what is not?