Apple previews Mac OS X Lion

Apple previews Mac OS X Lion

Summary: Apple CEO Steve Jobs and Vice President Craig Federighi offer a look at Lion, the next version of Mac OS X. The demo shows a new feature called Mission Control, which combines the Expose, Dashboard, and Spaces applications of OS X with full-screen apps. The new operating system is due to ship in summer 2011.


Topics: Apple, Hardware, Operating Systems, Software

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  • Here's my problem with Mac Apps

    Ok, I dont use now much in Apple software besides iTunes and Safari. I certainly don't want to have to buy a third parties software with Mac Apps. This too me is just more of Apple locking you into a ecosystem for their profit. I think I will just run Windows on my Mac and that will give me so much more in software choices.
    • RE: Apple previews Mac OS X Lion

      @jscott418 <br><br>So you have no idea what you are talking about!!!<br><br>The new feature gives you the option of using apps from a store.<br><br>Nothing here locks anyone into anything.<br><br>Maybe you need to use some more of the many software applications on the Mac itself and you might realise why running Windows on a Mac would be just plain dumb!!!<br><br>Also you might realise that the app store brings lots of free software to the iOS platform from many, many developers!!!<br><br>And that this free software is going to be available to desktop users soon - how can you with any degree of sense label this as a reason to switch?<br><br>Also do you realise that there is a large opportunity for developers to be able to get Apps to desktop users without large overheads - how this disadvantages the user is something I would like to hear you explain?<br><br>The ecosystem lockin argument is just the Windows fanboy spin designed to befuddle people into buying things from someone that they want to have your money!!!

      Apple is not offering to put Apps on your PC - and your use of Safari & iTunes on Windows gives you no basis for making a comment on a Platform you do not understand!!
  • Unimpressed!

    Fake Steve says he is totally unimpressed!
  • RE: Apple previews Mac OS X Lion

    I'm a huge Apple Computer fan. I love my macbook pro and iMac. But, this preview doesn't show any real improvements. All this is, is eye candy. I can use F8 for spaces, F9 for expose', to see everything running, F11 to clear screen, F12 to get widgets. The scary thing is Apple is trying to Force us to buy programs from their "app store" on the computer. Thank you, but NO! I will buy my programs from the people who write them, directly. Apple is getting waaaaay too much like Bill Gates and Microshaft. Sell us the Mac computers, and we'll decide what we put on them, (and where we get them). Apple is making a HUGE mistake by trying to force us to get everything through them. (Apple Fans will not stand for this "control" crap!) Somebody please smack Steve Jobs back to his senses.....
    • RE: Apple previews Mac OS X Lion

      @nevertell Huh? "from their "app store" on the computer. Thank you, but NO! I will buy my programs from the people who write them, directly. Apple is getting waaaaay too much like Bill Gates and Microshaft". If I don't want to I don't have buy any software from MS... not sure you know what you are talking about.
      • RE: Apple previews Mac OS X Lion


        Yeah, and so how will this stop anyone from buying software directly?

        There is nothing in this announcement that indicates that Apple is stopping anyone doing anything!!!

        This idea is in your head - maybe you need to get an OS update directly from the developer for that!
      • RE: Apple previews Mac OS X Lion

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    • RE: Apple previews Mac OS X Lion


      there is no control crap in what is being shown here - just in your mind!!!

      yes this is not the greatest set of features ever in an OS update.

      This was billed as a sneak peek at some features - not a definitive showing of the new OS.

      For the point of view of a developer this is really, really big though - and it will potentially change the way that software is developed and sold.

      This will make it much easier for the little guys to get their product to market. It also changes the game from developing overloaded feature bloats to building the right tools for the job to survive in the marketplace.

      <i> Sell us the Mac computers, and we'll decide what we put on them</i>

      You do now and you will with this new feature!!!

      This new feature adds onto the capabilities - it does not lock out other methods of software sales and distribution.

      Why are people so stupid about this!!!!

      Oh, I know - it's the stupid bloggers spreading FUD about iOS again.
      • RE: Apple previews Mac OS X Lion

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  • RE: Apple previews Mac OS X Lion

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    • RE: Apple previews Mac OS X Lion

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  • Looks like Windows

    Really. All those Icons on the desktop. Click and execute. Windows.
    • RE: Apple previews Mac OS X Lion

      @cwallen19803@... <br><br>No - all those icons on the windows desktop, click and execute, windows copied that from somewhere, any ideas?<br><br>This is not what was announced at all - the desktop was not the feature being discussed.<br><br>Why do you try to reduce this to something it wasn't?

      And maybe you should learn some history of computing before you post such an innane comment, that way you will avoid looking ignorant.
  • RE: Apple previews Mac OS X Lion

    I'm still using my old G4 and G5 computers so it doesn't make any difference to me since the new systems don't seem to run on the old computers. Someone should sue Apple and make them furnish an adapter to convert the old ppc to the intel architecture or new motherboards for all. Apple dumped us and didn't seem to give a damn.
  • RE: Apple previews Mac OS X Lion

    I think it is 1984 and Jobs and Gates are reinventing 'Doublespeak'. This is a terrifying not-so Brave New World. Take me back to Flash Gordon and the Clay People.
  • RE: Apple previews Mac OS X Lion

    I don't understand, what is new in OS? They added some new features to GUI, it is good, but still GUI. What is so new in OS?
    A VP of a big company tells us how a GUI of a shop site working? I'm not a Mac or Win fan and it's doesn't matter for me which system to use. But I do not understand why a new GUI is the same as a new OS?
    I did not expect it from Apple.