Benefiting from the Cloud: Private versus Public

Benefiting from the Cloud: Private versus Public

Summary: When it comes to computing in the cloud, there is a lot to consider. For some organizations, the biggest question is whether to go public or private. There are some big differences and lots to consider, including security, compliance, and even ways to make money with your cloud choice. Join host Jonas Tichenor, along with HP Cloud Strategist Jacob Van Ewyk, CBS Interactive Sr. Director of IT Infrastructure Stephen Comstock and ZDNet Editors, David Gewirtz and Andrew Nusca for an interactive deep dive into which approach is better for your company.


Topic: Cloud

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  • I would vote for Private ones.

    Definitely private for Enterprise or Government organizations, they would not want to compromise on the critical security concern. Public cloud may be a bit cheaper than the Private cloud, but they might not be as flexible or secure as the Private ones are. One should never compromise on the security when it comes to your important data.

    - Sara