Do HP Pavilions have a Wi-Fi problem?

Do HP Pavilions have a Wi-Fi problem?

Summary: Tipped-off by a reader, ZDNet's David Berlind takes HP to task in Tech Shakedown for what appears to be a serious problem with the Wi-Fi feature on some Pavilion notebooks. Despite many complaints listed on HP's Web site over nearly five months, there's been little response from HP. Instead, the forum shows customers banding together to figure out the remedial steps to solve the problems.


Topics: Hewlett-Packard, Hardware, Networking, Wi-Fi

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  • HP Is History

    HP seems to have no plans on producing any good motherboards to replace the bad ones. They keep replacing bad motherboards with different styles of bad motherboards.

    The best thing that HP can do is to give everyone their money back, and close their business.

    Wayne Sallee
    Wayne Sallee
  • RE: Do HP Pavilions have a Wi-Fi problem?

    I have this same model laptop and not only does the wireless network adapter fail to be recognized but it will not boot up to the HP screen at times causing me to reboot several times. The problem is the MoBo and HP knew this which is why they have placed an extended limited warranty on it.Of course I'm 3 months out of warranty so they want to charge $260 for a repair of something they knew was going to fail. I will notify all 953 clients of mine in addition to my friends and family never to purchase from such a dishonest, unscrupulous company that has forgotten the meaning of customer service. A Public relations blunder is all they have achieved in trying to resolve any of my issues.