Drivers caught red-handed holding phone

Drivers caught red-handed holding phone

Summary: Starting July 1, California drivers caught holding their cell phones to their ear while driving are being slapped with a $20 dollar ticket for the first offense, and a $50 ticket for the second.'s Kara Tsuboi rode along with the California Highway Patrol near Berkeley, Calif., as officers nabbed violators on the first day of the law.

TOPICS: Wi-Fi, Mobility, Telcos

Topics: Wi-Fi, Mobility, Telcos

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  • Hasn't the police got better things to do?

    People are being robbed, murdered, tortured, but never mind that, first we must punish these "really" dangerous and evil criminals, the scary mobile phone users!

    Where has common sense gone? I think I remember seeing it just a few decades ago....
    • Hassling drivers is much safer than going after criminals

      The towns around my area with the highest concentration on seat belt and the so=called dui checkpoints never catch the perpetrators of crimes in their communities. When they do get caught, its usually by the police in neighboring towns. Meanwhile theswe lowly PD's suck up lots of grant money. Much of that money comes from the insurance industry. Since the insurance industry profits directly when police give tickets, it fits the legal definition of racketeering.
  • RE: Drivers caught red-handed holding phone

    Another state with the idiotic cell phone ban. I'd much rather share the road with a hand held phone than one struggling to keep his bluetooth device paired. That is far more dqngerous. This is another example of stupid politicians who think through 10% of a problem ASSuming that thyey have all the answers. As usual big brother is a very stupid brother who should stsy out of my car.
  • RE: Drivers caught red-handed holding phone

    Before you start criticizing the Highway Patrol for performing
    their designated jobs of protecting the motoring public and
    upholding the law, you should try to think of the accidents
    caused by drivers distracted by having one hand on the wheel
    and the other on their phone. Their minds were somewhere
    else but on the road and their surroundings, where it should
    have been every instant. Take a moment and think of the
    people killed or seriously hurt because they didn't cause the
    cars crashing, but someone who was using a phone was to
    blame because they weren't paying attention to what was in
    front of them. It may not be your idea of catching criminals,
    but you don't get people to adhere to something or change
    their unsafe driving habits by ignoring it and pretending it's not
    a problem. It is a problem and bad driving habits have to
    change, one way or another.
  • RE: Officer red-handed?

    Humm Officer in one clip states the importance of drivers having two hands on the steering wheel, which he says on Mic, while driving, and in three of the clips-waving one hand in the air while only having one hand on the wheel. Guess it is not really necessary to have two hands on the wheel. Just that the hand not be holding a phone. (Burgers and GPS probably OK) Don't get me wrong. Driving while impaired is flat wrong. But don't get caught on video driving with one hand, while saying that two are necessary. It is the distraction, not the hand placement that is important. And that goes for Kids, Burgers, Changing radio stations, putting on makeup, swatting flies or any inattentive distraction. Shame on him.
  • RE: Drivers caught red-handed holding phone

    Great, third offense should be $300, and fourth the same criminal penalties as drunken driving, which is what cell phone driving really is.

    Now, if only they'd enforce the law beyond the first day. In NYC, you'd have to wave your phone and yell out to a cop to get a ticket for breaking the same law.
  • RE: Drivers caught red-handed holding phone

    You should come to Greece, almost everybody uses a cell phone when driving, especially bus & truck drivers. When living in UK, I had full hands free phone and on more than one occasion took a wrong turn because I was talking on the phone.
  • RE: Drivers caught red-handed holding phone

    I'd like to see them do that in New York State and Massachusetts. Hands-free is bad enough but holding it or texting is an accident waiting to happen.

    The 1st offense should be $100 followed by $500 for the 2nd. On the 3rd time they should lose their license for 6 months.

    Wake up people....your gonna kill someone eventually! Try living with that on your conscience for the rest of your life!!