IBM: Rethinking mobile e-mail

IBM: Rethinking mobile e-mail

Summary: At the Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco, Jeff Pierce, manager of Mobile Computer Research at IBM, shows off the company's prototype mobile e-mail client. He also compares different usage patterns for how people use e-mail from their mobile devices and desktops.


Topics: Mobility, Collaboration, IBM, Wi-Fi

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  • This was ground breaking?

    Why was this even worth a video clip, did IBM pay you to post it and this is just paid advertisement with window dressing to make it look otherwise?
  • RE: IBM: Rethinking mobile e-mail

    I use IBM's Notes product only because I have to for work. IMHO, IBM can't even get desktop e-mail right so why would I want them on my mobile device?
    • Cause it's rock solid reliable

      Notes is rock solid reliable and ahead of the nearest competitor, Exchange.

      From a server reliability, scalability, and performance standpoint, Notes/Domino owns Exchange. Exchange is a SMB product that scales very poorly.

      That being said, IBM does need to hire some UI designers.
      • RE: IBM: Rethinking mobile e-mail

        @itguy08 you are joking right? notes ahead exchange? lol
  • RE: IBM: Rethinking mobile e-mail

    IBM/Notes/Rational apps have garbage UIs. Inefficient, clunky, horrible navigation structures, without any thought of end-user experience. Typically looks at least a couple generations behind the competition. I would expect the same of any mobile email app they design.