iPhone 4: What new owners are saying

iPhone 4: What new owners are saying

Summary: With today's iPhone 4 launch, CNET News senior reporter Maggie Reardon is on scene at Manhattan's Fifth Avenue Apple store asking consumers what they think of their new gadget.


Topics: Smartphones, Hardware, iPhone, Mobility

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  • RE: iPhone 4: What new owners are saying

    Sad that your whole life revolves around a device. Apple Marketing at its best
    John Biles
  • Wow..some crazy people

    It is just a phone people. I say this and I have an iPhone 4. I liked my 3G but camping out for days and making claims it is the best phone ever or just flying to new york just so you can pick one up in NY. Stupid people. I walked in Best Buy on June 15th and had my pre-order in by 10:02. I got called and went to an appointment yesterday at 8:30am at the Best Buy and had my phone. It was quite painless. If there was a mob or a bunch of people I would have waited. People camping out or waiting in lines for hours/days is just silly and insane.
  • RE: iPhone 4: What new owners are saying

    i don't get all this hype about buying tech gadgets like this. the ifon IV may be a nice toy but how many of you people seriously use all its features? in nyc same as london everybody has it? why? because it's cool and it's fashion and cuz your friend has it. i really have to give this hands down to the app l e brand, they are geniuses when it comes to marketing, they can create a FAKE need in people - see Ip Ad for example ,another useless toy and very expensive too.

    so all in all, people, sharpen up a bit and don't get fooled by giant companies such apples that are doing millions off you. you may say "wow REALLY, REALLY". do you need that?????
  • RE: iPhone 4: What new owners are saying

    I think that if standing in line to buy a phone is what they want to do, it's their business. What do you care what they spend THEIR time and money on? Leave them alone. Those people are intelligent, they know they are standing in line and Znet people will say all kinds of things about them, but they obviously don't care what Znet bloggers think.
  • RE: iPhone 4: What new owners are saying

    People should re-read the Emperor's New Clothes. Nobody wants to admit to anybody else that they might be fools.
  • RE: iPhone 4: What new owners are saying

    4G as in the 4G communications standard?? No it's not.
    Waiting in line for hours to get something because its sleek and lighter weight?
    Sure they have the right to. Just like I have the right to be contemptuous of them for their ignorance and shallowness.
  • RE: iPhone 4: What new owners are saying

    Got my new, super-duper fast 4G iPhone...only to find out in the 1st 48hrs that it is not super-duper fast, it hangs and becomes unresponsive more than my pc, drops calls so often I first blamed my carrier only to realize it was not them...and ghost redialling which so far wasn't worth the extra money to replace my old iPhone. Worst part LA does not have 4G until end of 2010 or 2011...But that I already knew. Ahhh..the joys of living on the 'bleeding' edge of technology.
    • Lol

      @SocratesMentor Guess your gonna be even more mad when I remind you the new iphone isnt 4g capable its 4th Gen model and isnt made for 4G networks like sprint lol enjoy
  • RE: iPhone 4: What new owners are saying

    Folks, I cannot remember any marketing done by Apple to promote the iPhone 4 except one simple commercial featuring the video calling. All the hoopla was created by bloggers and their readers who responded to their blogs. To this day, long past the intro, bloggers talking about the iPhone dominate. So if fingers are to be pointed, it is to those who write on these blogs, including me now. Apple did not focus on the public, the focused on the bloggers and those who hate Apple and you(we) bit.
  • RE: iPhone 4: What new owners are saying

    Too bad I couldn't get the video to play. It might have provided me some insight...
  • RE: iPhone 4: What new owners are saying

    The iSheep have been fleeced again, and they don't even know it. How sad... the silence of the lambs...
    • now thats funny!

      @Micrahard couldnt have said it better!!!!
    • Worse than that

      They cant wait, is this rational? No way.
  • RE: iPhone 4: What new owners are saying

    I own an android OS phone, I think the iphone is a good product and bless your soul if you dont mind at&t's horrible service. The people that buy into it as a way of life or as a definition of who they are should really look into the hype of materializm and why they think what they own defines them as a person. Apple does a good job at it but all companies do it, Don't be duped into. Why is there shows on hoarding and why are even our homeless materialistic? Seriously look at a homeless person and count how much crap they carry with them. Buy stuff that makes your life/day simpler within the constraints of what you can afford. Do we all need the latest and greatest or can we actually show self control and not act like children at a toy store. Can one person really make an argument that if you already own the iphone 3 and your plan isnt up that it makes sense to upgrade right now?
    I would have got one a while back if they came out for verizon but luckily I was bless with the new crop of androids coming out at renewal time but one device is the way to go, still dont understand the iPad draw after owning either.
  • Wow

    Sure seems like the vast majority of this group don't like people who are different or have different desires than themselves. A few months ago I read about the blatant racial discrimination of the '60s and before. Racially, I guess discrimination still exists, but it is not PC to be blatant about it. To me, what I perceive in this thread and others like it, is an attitude similar to what I read a few months ago.
  • RE: iPhone 4: What new owners are saying

    First day pre-sales opinions are immaterial. What is their opinion now they are using it? How about a current story?
  • Hate Apple, really?

    Listen, anyone who says Apple users are stupid should just check their bags and hang out at bitter hotel. Why hate Apple? Who knows, but all fingers point to sincere lack of tolerance and a severe case of cynicism. Listen, I own an Android phone and it has all the same problems as the ones described here for the iPhone.

    Now when you consider all of the other Apple products my wife and I own...iMac, MacBook Pro, iPad, iPod Classic, iPod Touch, Airport Extreme...the answer is I've never, ever, ever had a single issue, not one, in 10+ years as a Mac user. Not one complaint.

    I also have used a PC from time to time at work (which is front end web development) and I'm ALWAYS having problems.

    Basically it boils down to this...PC users have been waiting their whole lives to point the finger and Apple...so go ahead. It may help push Android and other competitors products to higher sales figures. But I'll take an Apple product over just about anything else in the marketplace.
  • Slow Down...

    ...the world is in such a rush to greed... gotta produce the biggest baddest faster smallest most innovative phone that they've missed out on #1 - quality, they sacrifice it happily in the name of profits & greed. I own an iPhone 3GS. I have never been an apple cheerleader before owning this phone. I think it's a really awesome device, but I can see that iPhone 4 is so rushed to market, that there are a ton of problems or serious flaws.

    The Android is interesting but just like anything else it has it's downfalls & it's serious lack of quality issues. The world seriously needs to SLOW DOWN. China needs to re-evaluate it's currency, so we can buy American / Canadian again & we need to re-balance our lifestyles.
    We can't keep building our lives on chinese CRAP & cheap imports ...We're too hooked on crack phones. lol. Let's get balance back into this world & bring quality back into the mainstream focus. The 3GS is the most productive smart phone device I've used & the quality is fairly high. ...Ps.- I think Windows 7 is the most efficient O/S since windows 95. I think we are capable of great things. If time permits us to invent. Let's just all slow down & take a deep breath..... ;-) Enjoy.