iPhone 4's new gyroscope

iPhone 4's new gyroscope

Summary: Apple CEO Steve Jobs details the latest iPhone's gyroscope feature while showing off his skills at the game Jenga.


Topics: Mobility, Hardware, iPhone, Smartphones

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  • RE: iPhone 4's new gyroscope

    Is there a tiny string that you pull to spin up the gyroscope? Visions of the toy gyro I had as a kid come to mind.
  • RE: iPhone 4's new gyroscope

    It just became simple and cheap to build a guided rocket.
    Rick Caringer
  • Tilt meter?

    I think he means tilt meter or accelerometer. An actual gyroscope would make it hard to orient the iPhone.

    But it sounds sexy! Who cares what it actually does?

    @dheady ... good point, where's our string? :)