Macworld 2010: Controlling a telescope via iPhone

Macworld 2010: Controlling a telescope via iPhone

Summary: At Macworld 2010 in San Francisco, Tim DeBenedictis, product architect of Carina Software, unveils the company's SkyVoyager iPhone app, which enables users to find stars, clusters, and galaxies in the night sky. He also demos SkyFi, a device that offers users the ability to use their iPhone as a telescope controller.


Topics: iPhone, Hardware, Mobility, Smartphones

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  • Cute but...

    A couple of points....does this work at all in the field 20+ miles from a large city that may not be covered by AT&T?

    Does your wireless to serial converter box include any security??? I can just see a Chinese kid playing with the change drawer in that cash register you referenced!
  • RE: Macworld 2010: Controlling a telescope via iPhone

    tbird, you're entirely missing the point. The box he's
    showing, SkyFi, is a portable wireless network designed so
    you CAN use the phone in the middle nowhere. It doesn't
    use AT&T at all.

    And yes, I have a SkyFi box and it has security.

    Just curious, why is the kid in your example Chinese???