Making the case for green IT

Making the case for green IT

Summary: At the AlwaysOn GoingGreen conference in Sausalito, Calif., technology executives discuss the motives behind going green. Jim Swartz, chief information officer of Sybase, says smaller and more energy-efficient technology is cost-effective. Rob Ober, an LSI fellow, says the issue is more complicated: IT managers can buy a more efficient machine every two years, but no one has yet figured out what to do with the old ones.


Topics: Mobility, Data Centers, Data Management, Enterprise Software, Software

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  • Green IT Press Panel Hosted By Cadence 9/9

    The opinions voiced here sound similar to those expressed at our "Low Power, Green Power and the Future of IT" press panel that took place in San Jose last week, featuring representatives from UC Berkeley, Cisco, IBM, Cadence and the Silicon Valley Leadership Group.

    Take a look at the summary and check back for video highlights!


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