Microsoft launches Windows Phone 7

Microsoft launches Windows Phone 7

Summary: Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer officially introduces Windows Phone 7 at a press event in New York City. Microsoft's latest mobile foray showcases nearly every development group within the company, from Bing search to Xbox gaming, to Zune media streaming to Office business content creation.


Topics: Microsoft, Hardware, Mobility, Operating Systems, Software, Windows

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  • RE: Microsoft launches Windows Phone 7

    Think this is real good.Thanks microsoft
  • Am thinking this is truly...

  • RE: Microsoft launches Windows Phone 7

    Microslyme crap.... them trying to say, "Us too, Us too..." but with a moron UI.... silly microslyme
  • No more MS garbage for me Mr. Ballmer

    Had it with all MS garbage. I will never spend another dime on anything having to do with them. Got burned by Vista, upgraded to 7 and it is not much better. Linux for me and Apple for wife from now on. Ubuntu 10.10 is so much faster and better than any MS OS and free Office suite that is compatible with MS Office and did I mention it is all FREE.
  • TRUTH!

    Check out MS's commercials! WOW!
    Ballmer says so on his blog:
  • now the World Series ads make sense!

    The World Series ads suggested that MS would come out with a phone that would make users not want to use their phone so much. Now I see how they are going to accomplish this.
  • RE: Microsoft launches Windows Phone 7

    Let me postpone my next smartphone purchase to wait for W7! Just kidding... Windows x on phones will never be able to compete going forward. Android and IOS are just too dominant now. Will Microsoft be able to innovate? Not with an rambling salesman as CEO. "IT'S WINDOWS" Give me a break. That OS on the phone is not the Windows people know on their desktops....