Next generation of business intelligence

Next generation of business intelligence

Summary: Data warehouses collect gigabytes of data everyday but the information is not always meaningful. Why? Angela Shen-Hsieh, President and CEO of Visual I/O, says it's because the tools are not user friendly. Find out how the next generation of business intelligence will move beyond the spreadsheet to let you visualize and interact with data.

TOPICS: Data Centers

Topic: Data Centers

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  • Brain Oriented Reports

    I liked the part of handling Data-UI-Brain to provide Business Intelligence or as I like to call ?Brain Oriented Reports? because each area of Intelligence made must hit a specific area in human brain which is the only area that can understand and interpret information in the right way at right time.

    Actually I measure the success of a system I make by measuring how much of help the system provides to users to take rational decisions. I?ve worked 3 years in a company for making enterprise financial system and found out that reports with catastrophic conditions go-in to top management without any go-out reaction! That?s why I decided to make dashboards to provide Business Intelligence Reports or as I like to call it ?Brain Oriented Reports? to top management to figure out the problem originators, and yes now with even a little future alarm the top management raise questions and make meetings to face problems before it happen not after, as usual!!!

    The only bad thing about implementing Business Intelligence is that you will be now the most hated one in the company :D
  • RE: Next generation of business intelligence

    Do you have any info on new SQL ?