Peering inside Microsoft's giant data center

Peering inside Microsoft's giant data center

Summary: CNET's Ina Fried speaks to two of the designers of Microsoft's just-opened data center in Chicago.


Topics: Servers, Data Centers, Hardware, Microsoft, Storage

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  • New Type of Theft

    I can just see the headlines.

    Hard drive stolen, just drove away.

    But realistically mobile servers will be helpful but this will affect an industry that builds these data centers.

    Again MS is trying to create unemployment.
    • Nothing wrong with automating jobs

      Especially jobs that can be automated easily.

      However, I doubt this will destroy any more jobs than it creates. Things like this are great overall because they reduce the cost of goods and services. I should mention that the companies that design, build and implement data centers generally hire numerous of contractors to do the work, so it won't have any impact whatsoever on the job numbers.

      Also, this is hardly a new idea, google Sun Blackbox.
  • RE: Peering inside Microsoft's giant data center

    They are promoting how short the setup time is and the lack of packing materials. Don't bother to mention the setup time that took place BEFORE the container got there and how many empty boxes that crew generated. They are just moving this stuff around, not really saving time or materials at all. Also notice how many people you have to ADD to move these containers around when they are delivered, it looks like at least a dozen, they would not be needed if you were configuring regular racks of servers. In summary, you can't just create racks of servers out of thin air, so big deal.