Sergey Brin on Google and government's shared vision

Sergey Brin on Google and government's shared vision

Summary: At a press event to announce in Mountain View, Calif., ZDNet senior editor Sam Diaz grabs his FlipCam and asks Google co-founder Sergey Brin how tech policy has changed since the Obama administration has entered the political landscape.


Topics: CXO, Google, Government, Government US, IT Employment

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  • Thank you Brin!

    I don't get why nobody else gets this! Of
    course, I'm sure I'm politically biased, being
    a conservative, but everyone seems to thing
    that somehow Bush was anti-innovation and Obama
    is the God of innovation. Its great that Obama
    is so openly pro-tech, but its not like his
    actions follow through. I think he's just
    preoccupied with communizing our economy, but
    regardless, its a new administration
    implementing MODERN technology, not eight year
    old technology.