Tesla Test Drive: Time to Try an American Car?

Tesla Test Drive: Time to Try an American Car?

Summary: MoneyWatch picked six American cars to check out now. The sleekest of the bunch is the new Tesla Roadster, which does zero to 60 in under four seconds.

TOPICS: Tech Industry

Topic: Tech Industry

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  • Running the stop sign - nice touch!

    In front of oncoming traffic - and you can't hear it coming. Wonderful car, terrible driver.
  • RE: Tesla Test Drive: Time to Try an American Car?

    I think it would be very helpful to folks who don't have a ton of bandwidth if you could link to a transcript of the video.
    • I think it would be very helpful

      If video were left to amusement outlets such as television and youtube and if serious news and technical articles were handled by the media technology that actually suits web capabilities.

      I didn't watch the video because I refuse to watch news videos on the internet.
  • How long to recharge?

    How long does it take to recharge this vehicle from fully discharged, using a standard 110V outlet? What is it's maximum range?
    What will happen to the power grid when you and all your neighbors are recharging at the same time?
    • Depends on the model

      But about a half hour to forty five minutes per charge and there is a range of either 150 or 300 miles depending on which battery pack you purchase.

      As far as the power grid goes, if you charge the car during the night when the power companies are running half their powerplants simply because it is too difficult to shut them down at night, the answer is not much, really. In fact the problem that power companies have with peak and off peak demand is the reason that electric cars are a desirable technology.

      What else do you have to gripe about?
  • RE: Tesla Test Drive: Time to Try an American Car?

    What about a mini-van?

    I can't ride in cars, my legs get really cramped up. So how about an electric mini-van.

    Show me one of those and I'm all for it.
    Besides, many Americans would prefer a vehicle that can sit more than four people.

    Not possible?

    Your obviously not American are you?
  • RE: Tesla Test Drive: Time to Try an American Car?

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