The Green Enterprise: PG&E

The Green Enterprise: PG&E

Summary: On the next installment of The Green Enterprise, ZDNet correspondent Sumi Das looks at how PG&E is working to deliver clean energy to its customers. Innovations include a unique solar installation at the company's headquarters, a hybrid-electric service truck, and emerging renewables from biogas to wave energy. Das also sits down with Hal La Flash, PG&E's director of clean-tech energy policy, and discusses the utility giant's green goals and vision for the future.

TOPICS: Tech Industry

Topic: Tech Industry

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  • At what cost?

    Considering that Global Warming is 1). a hoax, and 2). all about the money, what is the real cost of the energy produced by "green" technology; ie, what is the cost of electricity generated by green technology versus conventional electrical generation, excepting natural gas? I suspect the cost per kilowatthour is substantially higher.