Tinkering with the virtual desktop

Tinkering with the virtual desktop

Summary: At VMworld in San Francisco, VMware CEO Paul Maritz talks to HP's director of software virtualization, Steve DuPree, about how the company's VMware View product fits into HP's virtualization plans. Maritz adds that there are 1 million desktops deployed with VDI, mainly in sectors where security and compliance are crucial, like the health care and finance industry.


Topics: Hewlett-Packard, Banking, CXO, Cloud, Hardware, Storage, Virtualization, VMware

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  • neat tech useless video

    I love the technology but this video is completely and utterly useless. If you're going to record a video of someone showing a slideshow you really need to record the slideshow and not the face of the presenter. He's showing all kinds of neat new stuff.....you can't see.