Urban Hopper bot leaps over 25-foot fence

Urban Hopper bot leaps over 25-foot fence

Summary: The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is showing off its Precision Urban Hopper robot, a wheeled ground unit being developed by Sandia National Laboratories and Boston Dynamics for surveillance operations in urban terrain. The shoebox-size rolling robot can leap over 25-foot-tall obstacles and keep going.

TOPICS: Emerging Tech

Topic: Emerging Tech

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  • That's not a 25ft. fence

    Look at the curb height. And compare the height of the barbed wire at the top of the fence to the rest of the fence. This fence is no taller than 12-14 feet.
  • RE: Urban Hopper bot leaps over 25-foot fence

    Actually ...
    If you look in the background, you can clearly see a man walking along the fence, and even if He were six feet tall, the fence is no more than 8-9 feet high.
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