Using mind control to talk to machines

Using mind control to talk to machines

Summary: At the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco, the company's Justin Rattner talks to Emotiv Systems President Tan Le about new interface technologies that are making humans more like machines. In a demo for conference attendees, Le shows a headset Emotiv developed that can track electrical signals in the brain and interact with content on a PC.

TOPICS: Intel, Hardware, PCs

Topics: Intel, Hardware, PCs

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  • Brain-Computer Interface

    Interesting video on the brain-interface gadget.

    Unfortunately it's nothing more than I can already do with
    my LightStone, playing Wisdom Quest from Wild Divine.

    That headband looks less cumbersome than the finger
    sensors on the LightStone though.

    Until they can do more, it's not really a breakthrough.
  • RE: Using mind control to talk to machines

    acctually mercii for this welcome