VMworld 2009: HP introduces new VDI

VMworld 2009: HP introduces new VDI

Summary: At VMworld 2009 in San Francisco, Ann Livermore, executive vice president of HP's services organization, announces two new virtualization solutions that will give system administrators the ability to better virtualize and converge their entire IT infrastructure by enabling access of virtual and physical assets inside the environment.


Topics: Hardware, CXO, Cloud, Hewlett-Packard, Storage, Virtualization

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  • RE: VMworld 2009: HP introduces new VDI

    Productivity Increase for Administrators. Unfortunately often accompanied by a productivity decrease for VDI users. For peanuts I can get a physical machine with Dual Cores (or more) 4GB of Ram (or more) and a 500 GB hard drive (or more). VDI is probably fine if you are not a developer. When I'm working remotely through "typical" broadband speeds...it's like working on a machine via remote desktop. Half the stuff doesn't fully support Windows 7 yet....little things like BACKUP capability.