Who will manage the smart grid?

Who will manage the smart grid?

Summary: At Greentech Media's Green Building Summit at SRI International in Menlo Park, Calif., tech executives discuss the future management of smart-grid technology and whether the balance of power will go toward utility companies, government regulatory agencies or building owners.


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  • Smart Grid - who owns it

    I certainly think that the consumer / home owner will have NO control over the smart grid being connected to their home. They may be able to see what they are consuming, but giving them control defeats the purpose of all this smart grid ideas - that the Utilities / Government will control the power being delivered to you "for the good of the many" and what you individually may want is of no concern.
    It will actually contribute to the problems since "efficiecies" will allow the utilites to have "just enough" to get by on and if anything happens withing a grid then the whole grid will crash since living on the edge implies no spare capacity - which is what all this energy efficiency is about - not building and using what is avaualbe and if a peak happens then the homes will get cut off to save the "grid" and businesses where money is really made.
    My own home is getting a smart meter this summer. It benefits the utlity in reading the meter remotely, and it help Government impose on utilties the ability to do congestion pricing like they want to do congestion traffic pricing - charge more when people USE IT THE MOST in order to change behavior - and of course since you HAVE to use it during that time frame all it does it generate more money for the Government to waste in other areas. I work for BPA - both a utility and a Government - and I see all this coming down the pike - and it is not pretty.

      Yes, even the people, that's their plan and they are well on their way. And they will own the once free people of America, most of them anyway. When they control your income, your taxes, the vehicle you drive, the energy that you consume, your health ins, your doctor, your health choices (like whether or not your worth that kidney or not. What is your value, how much/what do you contribute, your age, etc.)yes even the temperature in your home, that's what the 'smart meter' does. We're even going to be buying and selling something that we can't see, a carbon credit ... go figure.

      Your right Taphilo, it's not pretty. America as I have known her is going away ... and fast.
  • Are you kidding?

    Just look at the work being done...everything is tilted to the huge conglomerated power companies. NOTHING is being done in the way of distributed rooftop co-generation.

    Just look at the hundreds of MILLIONS of acres of rooftop space in this country that could be generating power to backfeed the grid all day long (when power demand is highest). Lets not forget the tens of thousands of jobs that could be created in installing and servicing such units.

    ALL the Washington stimulus money is being conveniently channeled into yet another HUGE-BUSINESS solution to a problem we could all benefit from solving. Just how many jobs does another nuclear power plant create? Or a wind turbine? Or a solar farm?

    We already have a grid capable of handling back-fed power. But the well-moneyed interests are busy slathering the loot around Washington to protect their monopolies.

    The major players will continue to totally own power in this country. NOTHING will change.

    Sorry for the pessimistic outlook, but I'm a realist.
  • What i think?

    I aggree with Becksdark however sometimes i wonder if anyone in "importance" ever reads this stuff to at least take notice to be able to do something about it.
    Creeping Critter