ZDNet turns 20

ZDNet turns 20

Summary: If you've been following ZDNet over the past 20 years, you know it's been through quite a few changes. We talk to ZDNet employees past and present about how the site came to be, where it is today, and what the future holds.

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  • RE: ZDNet turns 20

    Happy Anniversary ZDNet! Great times and great people. It was a tremendous learning experience being in the thick of the Internet boom and battle with CNET. Michael Della Penna - Former Head of Marketing/Strategy, ZDNet/CNET (1999-2001)
    Michael Della Penna
  • RE: ZDNet turns 20

    Happy Anniversary ZDNet!
    • RE: ZDNet turns 20

      @rarigali@... Congrats! and Happy Anniversary! There are millions visitors i think will agree with me.
      <a href="http://www.kecioyun.com">oyun</a>
  • RE: ZDNet turns 20

    I enjoy ZDNET everyday and I go back to the RadioShack TRS 80 and Commodore C-64, and today its WIN 7. Fact only being a member of ZDNET you are up to date on the come back of the Commodore computers.
  • RE: ZDNet turns 20

    happy birthday you have an extraordinary site, congratulations
  • RE: ZDNet turns 20

    I remember when you were my little search engine. Loved you then too
  • RE: ZDNet turns 20

    Oh god, I think I made some of the graphics you see on the 90s purple sidebar version of the site! -Tim the intern (now AVP of Online Communications at a university, thanks to the skills I picked up at ZDNet)
  • You forgot ZDU!

    Congratulations and thank you. While ZDU was free, I learned alot from you guys. Then you decided to charge for the service, I was done. Since then, I haven't been to ZDnet/Cnet much, for what, 10 years now. Maybe the rare driver d/l from Cnet but it was fun while it lasted. Thanks again.
    • RE: ZDNet turns 20


      ZDU was the best! Great instructors and a real community of learners. It was a horrid day when it became what it did.

      My late spouse styed with ZDNet for the tech stuff. Not much left for "learner" on the lower levels.
  • RE: ZDNet turns 20

    I used this website for a review on Commodore 64 and my first desktop.It was an AST and the hard drive was 560 mb.I still enjoy the reviews and the help with security issues.Here's to another 20 years.
    Keith D.Allan Phila Pa.
  • Changes to ZDNet / Changes to the tech world

    ZDNet has evolved to address two significant changes: 1. Who is the end user, and, 2. Money. In 1991 we were the end user. Now we support end users. Secondly, on the day before Netscape went public, I received a vMail from someone who threatened to report me to the San Jose police department because I would not provide pre-IPO stock to her. It was about that time that money had to necessarily be part of most technology discussions.
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