Vista could create 50,000 EU jobs

Vista could create 50,000 EU jobs

Summary: Analysis: The next version of Windows will create a cascade of benefits for local European economies, according to a Microsoft-sponsored study


The launch of Windows Vista next year will be directly responsible for creating more than 50,000 IT jobs in six large European countries, and will lead to a flood of economic benefits for European companies, according to a Microsoft-funded IDC study released on Thursday.

The white paper, The Economic Impact of Microsoft Windows Vista, emphasised that while Vista will earn Microsoft a great deal of money, far more will be generated by European companies within the Microsoft "ecosystem".

"(Microsoft) is an economic force that has a direct, positive impact on the countries in which it operates," wrote IDC's John Gantz, Al Gillen and Marcel Warmerdam in the study. "If you add up all the spending on hardware and software that runs on Microsoft operating systems, as well as all the services around installing and maintaining Microsoft applications and solutions, you quickly come up with a number much bigger than Microsoft's revenues."

In the six-country region studies, more than 150,000 IT companies will produce, sell or distribute products or services running on Windows Vista in 2007, employing 400,000 people, IDC said. Another 650,000 will be employed in the IT departments of firms relying on Vista.

The study covers Germany, the UK, France, Denmark, Poland and Spain, which collectively account for more than 65 percent of IT spending in the European economic zone (the EU plus Croatia, Norway and Switzerland).

"Because the six countries in this study represent almost 67 percent of IT spending by countries in the European Union economic zone, they are quite representative of Europe as a whole and, for that matter, much of the developed world," wrote Gantz, Gillen and Warmerdam. A key finding is that Vista will not just sustain the existing Windows economy, but create thousands of new jobs. IDC established a baseline for economic growth due to existing versions of Windows and determined that Windows-related employment would jump by 100,000 jobs in 2007.

"IDC believes that more than half of the gain in Windows-related employment will be specifically related to Windows Vista. It is growth that IDC believes would not occur were Windows Vista not in the market," Gantz, Gillen and Warmerdam said in the study. "Windows Vista... will infuse significant new energy into the market in its first 12 months of shipment, driving important job growth and new industry revenues."

In recent years, Microsoft has funded a number of studies highlighting the positive side of its near-monopoly in the market for desktop operating systems (it faces significant competition on servers, notably from Linux). The studies have appeared as Microsoft has faced antitrust actions in the US, the EU and elsewhere, with regulator attention most recently beginning to focus on Windows Vista ahead of its scheduled January launch.

Microsoft has also faced growing movements from some national and regional governments to promote or require open source alternatives to Windows. One of the arguments governments have used in favour of open source is that it can foster a locally based software economy.


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  • Correct political statement. Now do add some reaility.

    Thing is that if the goal is to create jobs in the EU then the first order of business would be to ban Vista from EU markets and adopt Open Source instead. That in itself would create countless of jobs (need creates demand) and would set up the EU as a well established and experienced partner to growing markets like in Asia.

    Let's see. Satisfying 7% of the world population (US) that's only open to its own self satisfaction versus the other 93% (non US) that's open minded to anything that works for them. Hmmm. Wow, only a lobbied for politician would make the wrong decision.

    Do make sure that you vote for a politician that has your best interest in mind next time. One more thing, waiting for your politician to come up with some bright idea is a sure way to get annoyed. Best thing is to make him/her aware of your concerns. So send an e-mail out this week.
  • This is a survey sponsored by Microsoft so we know that it is completely unbiased then! Sounds a bit like the survey of Tory voters that said 95% would vote Conservative at the next election.
  • So in other words Vista is going to create a lot more work and cost a lot more money?
  • 50,000? Is MS Vista that difficult to install and maintain? Linux, OS X or BSD sound like a better deal.
  • Simon & Olavi are correct. I downloaded the RC-1 version, just to check it out. It took 45 minutes to setup. Then you have to add your
    3rd party software and hope it will work with vista. If not, you have to buy more, or update as soon as it's available. RC-! failed to find my Linksys
    NIC card and my SB sound board. Two major players not supported yet. Going to be a lot of companies that will have to replace older hardware to run vista. So, yes it will take more people to install and maintain vista, not to mention the security team trying to keep hackers out. I will stick to Linux, stable, AND secure.
  • So Vista could creat 50,000? Doing what? Teaching us how to use Vista no doubt. Will the EU versions not have media player, and will the English version of Office 2007 have a proper English dictionary and grammar?

    Just think of all the money that MS is hoping to make!

    Linux sounds a better bet.
  • Another bullshit story from a bullshit company
  • Another version of bribing us with our own money. These people have jobs now. Many of them would be capable of doing something moer useufl and interesting than any new impositions with newly incompatible versions of Windows.
  • 50,000 tech support needed so it works? thar's nice - Guess we can fire those sales and production people to fund the downside of having to wipe every drive clean and reinstalling for weeks on end.

    Only Ms would be proud to mention their app needs 50,000 people to get it to run.
  • Microsoft's idea of fair comp ?.
    Jobs will be lost when Vista hits the fan, smb will need to let people go to off-set the upgrade costs of going Vista !.