Vodafone 3G upgrade delayed to 2009

Vodafone 3G upgrade delayed to 2009

Summary: Vodafone Australia has blamed Swedish vendor Ericsson for delays to the roll-out of its national 3G mobile network.

TOPICS: Telcos, Mobility

Vodafone Australia has blamed Swedish vendor Ericsson for delays to the roll-out of its national 3G mobile network.

While the 3G network being built under a joint venture between Optus and Vodafone have been completed — representing 63 per cent of Vodafone's planned 3G coverage — the remaining third owned by Vodafone alone will be delayed by several months.

(Credit: Vodafone)

The major cause for the delay is integration work which Ericsson was expected to complete by Christmas, Andy Reeves, chief technology officer at Vodafone Australia told ZDNet.com.au.

"It will take Ericsson longer than originally anticipated to complete the project," he said.

"We're currently working with Ericsson to confirm a new date. Within two weeks we will have a new date but no further delays are expected."

The core networks that will eventually support Vodafone's 3G plans have been completed, said Reeves, along with 50 per cent of the radio network. "So from a civil works perspective the project is going well."

Until the project has been completed, Vodafone's customers in non-3G areas, such as Darwin and Tasmania, will have to settle for the telco's existing GSM voice, TXT and GPRS mobile email services.

Reeves said he expected the new delivery date to be a few months away but not a year.

Ericsson was also responsible for constructing Telstra's Next G mobile network. At the time it launched, Ericsson admitted that Telstra had pushed the Swedish vendor hard to make the roll out happen on time, with extensive personal contact between the CEOs of the pair.

An Ericsson spokesperson didn't immediately return calls on the issue this afternoon.

Topics: Telcos, Mobility

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  • Stick to making Volvo's

    I love the Swede's, really. They do some interesting and beneficial things for the world. Unfortunately telecoms is no longer one of them. Ericsson products are just crap.

    Move over voice dinosaurs, the data networked world has outpaced you.
  • reception first

    I live in darwin city. I avoid vodafone at all costs because their reception is shocking. so bad i could make a 2 hour documentary on it. it states on their website they only cover 97% of darwin (97% with an external antenna perhaps?). I guess it would be a good laugh seeing my mates hanging out their bedroom windows trying to get 3g reception on their iphones with vodafone.
  • Talk Talk Talk & Blame Blame Blame

    Announcements = cheap advertising, just shut up and build the network

    Blame = lack of willingness to take personal accountability for your actions.

    One comment they made was they did not want capacity / reliability issues like other carriers. Not they said CARRIERS (plural) when all of the problems have been with the Optus network that they have a joint venture with. This is their problem and they are using spin to try and distract the public from the truth.
  • Ericsson people

    Its not just Ericsson products that are bad, its their people too.
  • You mean Volvos...

    I think it will be a breath of fresh air when this network is finished. If it lives up to promises then Telstra is going to get their fingers burnt because they have no idea how to price products fairly.

    When Kevin07's recession starts to bite the last thing people will want to do is pay over $100 per month for wireless Internet, especially since, for many, wireless is not the primary connection.

    Vodafone: In your own time. Measure twice and cut once, unlike Telstra who just want to sap the market.
  • Love it

    Telstra do know how to price products. When you have no serious competition you price high, the others will not be able to compete so they price low, if Vodaphoney actually live up to their promises two things will happen - 1 - Telstra will become closer in price to Volvophone and - 2 - Vodacrappey will not become as price focused as they are today, in fact prices will start to climb.

    At least Telstra knows how to cut, the number of companies out there who seem to get up in front of the media and say we are planning this and by 20XX we will have created this and that is a joke. Telstra is actually making progress with their products and services unlike all those "poor little" companies who survive by begging for favorable ACCC prices anstead of building their own services.
  • Expansion

    I can't believe this got put off... I've signed up on a 5gb broadband plan with Vodafone in Bunbury, WA, under the presumption there would be broadband by Christmas, not happy at all... Can't they at least enable it in Bunbury to please what I'm sure is a large amount of customers.
  • @expansion

    perhaps they should just enable yours haha.

    thats what happens when you buy cheap. now live with it.
  • Data pioneers

    If you take a closer look you'll find Ericsson are one of the 'big boys' when it comes to data.

    A pioneer when it comes to mobile telecomms, they're also designing and manufcaturing the DSLAMs in use by companies such as iiNet.
  • Eric's Dad

    Vodaphoney CTO blames their supplier which really shows a lack a competancy in the role. Guaranteed Reeves is a little under pressure and lacks relationship skills.
  • Pathetic

    Well I can say comparing Vodafone (NOW) to when they first poped up here in oz, that there entire customer service has gone wawa. It is now nothing short of disgusting and incompetance. The 3g build alone in FNQ has been extended time after time after time. Although virgin/optus is the worst 3g network, at least it is better then no 3g
  • Telstra are a bunch of screamers

    Telstra will cry foul pretty soon. As soon as both Optus & Vodaphone make their network work in Oz it will be basically the catchphrase of Telstra's board all over again. They will cry foul as they always have. Their attitude to providing a fairly basic service will continue with prices well above the norm. They cheat by having another company sell non-real packages that can't be switched off without paying another large amount because the contract was made with the other company that is doing Telstra's bidding. Their scum & as long as Trujillo runs it they will be scum because he doesn't give a shit.
  • Rex Alfie Lee is a lunatic

    That makes absolutely no sense, stop smoking weed when you are in front of the computer.

    Fairly basic? their service is the most advanced and feature rich mobile network in the world, they welcome the competition so they can show how truly advanced it is ... just look at the current comparisons in APC.

    What is this non-real packages crap, allegations like that if true would have Consumer Affairs, Dept of Fair Trading, ACCC and the media all over it ... but then again you all know how well informed you are and once again you have information that no one else has.

    You were using that same Trujillo comment against Ziggy when he was around and you will use it on the next CEO, you can't even come up with an original line ... or use the correct grammar.
  • Vodafone network delayed

    The Zikou - Vodafone relationship has been going downhill ever since 2006. Here's an additional entry to supplement this one.
  • if they cant even do this

    I think it's time the people of australia woke up, as this announcement proves, telstra's competitors only interest is in delaying builds and tying up our aussie great in regulatory tape! telstra already provides next G coverage in all these areas, and they did it well ahead of vodafone and Kabloptamoptus!
  • Telstra ? what plans?

    ericcson actually built the next G network for the rip off telstra network... try getting a reasonable data allowance from telstra on your mobile to use with your laptop, measly 200mb for nearly sixty bucks? come on.... A joke just an update on XP uses that up ill wait for vodafone to get their act together when ericcson finally finish the 3G network
  • still waiting for the date of completion in darwin

    It is now March 09 and we are still waiting on a completion date. So much for the two weeks and no more delays that was promised in Oct 08.

    Now I have been told maybe in 4 months time but that is not a definite date