Vodafone coverage hits 94%

Vodafone coverage hits 94%

Summary: Vodafone has gone live today with its expanded 3G coverage to rural areas, now reaching 94 per cent of the population.

TOPICS: Telcos, Mobility

Vodafone has gone live today with its expanded 3G coverage to rural areas, now reaching 94 per cent of the population.

Coverage has been extended out to Kununurra in Western Australia, Port Douglas in Queensland and Devonport in Tasmania, according to the company. Vodafone's 3G coverage previously reached 80 per cent of the Australian population. The upgrade has also included adapting the 2G network to support EDGE technology.

The completion of the upgrade has met the company's deadline, set earlier this year after the company failed to meet its former deadline of last Christmas.

Vodafone has marked the milestone with free access to Facebook for new and existing customers until 31 October 2009.

"Vodafone's great value 3G services are now available to Australians living and working in regional cities and towns, as well as business travellers and holiday-makers who need to stay connected," CEO of VHA Nigel Dews said in a statement.

Topics: Telcos, Mobility

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  • Vodafone coverage hits 94%

    Pity that the coverage doesn't extend to the outer reaches of suburban Lindfield (NSW north shore).
    I use VF 3G for both BlackBerry and mobile broadband and neither can connect at our house which is an absolute joke.
    Of course the friendly people at the Voda call centre simply tell me it is my problem and that they can't release me from a contract.
    Customer service = FAIL!
  • Vodafone coverage

    Too bad, in the Blue Mountains NSW, (Emu Plains to Mt. Victoria) that you get 3G only on the thin strip that is the Great Western Highway and go half a K away from it and you dont. Go 1K away from it and you are luck to get anything at all!
  • Vodafone coverage

    On reading the press release, and talking extensively with Vodafone customer service (whose first-line support people are located in Egypt and haven't a clue and always have to transfer the call to someone in Australia, and they are only allowed to transfer to one department, no matter what you want) my reading of the upgrade is that it adds 3G coverage to some existing cell stations, but that no new cell stations and no new locations are involved. 2G coverage does not improve at all, and Vodafone's 2G coverage is particularly poor.
    My firm is reviewing our mobile account and wanting something cheaper than Optus, and we have been doing our own survey in locations that are important to us using Optus and Vodafone handsets side-by-side. We have not found one single location where Vodafone has coverage and Optus does not, but found many locations important to us where Optus has coverage and Vodafone does not.
    Vodafone coverage is really appalling. And Vodafone does not seem to be listening to customers, nor to prospective customers. Vodafone refuse to process any kind of coverage question unless it comes from an existing customer, and good luck to those people.
    Travelling south from Sydney towards Woollongong and beyond, the coverage is especially bad. With Optus there are many places on the train where you could have a 5-minute conversation, but with Vodafone there is hardly a spot where you'd have coverage to squeeze off an SMS.
    From our research, we don't see any hope of Vodafone 3G voice coverage improving - it just doesn't seem an issue for their management. Vodafone's business model seems to be close to one of running a virtual mobile network using Optus infrastructure, customer service outsourced to Egypt, and no managment who care - it's a shell operation, and almost empty at that.
    It's really sad that Australian always seems to get the rough end of the pineapple, and never gets any real competition in services.
    Mobile and internet are prime examples.
    - Sob -
  • Vodafone's Edge technology

    GSM - 2G, 9600bps data calls only (charged at normal call rates - it isn't packet data)
    GPRS - 2.5G, extension to GSM, theoretical max speed 85.6Kbps
    EDGE - 2.5G, extension to GSM, theoretical max speed 236.8Kbps
    UMTS - 3G, theoretical max speed 384Kbps, supports video calls and simultaneous data/voice (this is also referred to as WCDMA)
    HSDPA - 3.5G, extension to UMTS, theoretical max speeds are 1.8Mbps, 3.6Mbps or 7.2Mbps depending on the network rollout.

    Yeah way to go VF instead of upgrading 2G to 3G you seem to have opted in for a 3rd world EDGE technology.... why even bother the speed difference is minimal in reality. It seems regional towns miss out yet again obviously 15000 people in a 1 tower zone isn't enough to justify a 3g upgrade despite you calling me 3 times for surveys and promising your 3g upgrade last xmas ..... very disappointing
  • VF Coverage

    Heading East from Dalby to Toowoomba now has even poorer coverage due to 3g upgrades in that area. I could handle a 3 min dropout on the trip to Toowoomba but now its more like a 10-12 mins of no signal and in places where there was previously 2 bars of gsm signal now there is none. 23 Thousand vehicles haul this stretch of road every day so you would think a major telco would make sure their coverage after the upgrade was sufficient. Complaints to VF fall on deaf ears. I've been with VF for 6 Years now and seriously considering leaving because my mobile is just not that anymore.
  • you what?

    You have been with them 6 years and still complaining??? Blimey, no wonder companies here don't give a monkeys about customer service, because it doesn't matter how bad it gets, people will still keep buying.
  • Smart phone with idiotic coverage

    I work at for an organisation with sites across much of Victoria. A recent tour of sites covering the greater Melbourne area clearly demonstrated to me how bad Vodafone's coverage really is. I was traveling with a number of colleagues and between us we had Telstra, Optus, 3 and Vodafone handsets. Telstra had coverage in almost all areas, Optus wasn't too far off. Even 3 had better coverage than Vodafone. Using my iPhone with Google maps was pathetic. While I could get a GPS fix it wasn't much help as I couldn't download the mapping data. If you're a business customer or rely on data coverage Vodafone probably won't cover it.
  • iPhone regional customers take note!

    I live in Warrnambool (300kms south-east of Melbourne on the great ocean road). When I made the switch to Vodafone a few months ago, i was told 3G would work come the 31st August 2009.

    Only to find out that the 3G service being offered to regional customers in my area is the 3G 900mhz band.... and iPhone does not support 3G 900mhz band, it simply reverts back to using a very SLOW EDGE network.

    What is annoying now, is that I have to drop Vodafone as my mobile carrier, especially when I'm satisfied with Vodafone's deals, and go back to Telstra for 3G iPhone coverage, and I hate Telstra.

    I felt I was lied to by the Vodafone representative.

    So here is the answer for all you regional iPhone users out there.....

    iPhone 3G speeds will only work with Telstra in Victoria regional areas.
  • edit*

    South-West of Melbourne*

    god I'm terrible at posting
  • $500m is 'pocket money' for an upgrade

    I am sure that I read on a forum that Vodafone spent around $500m on their upgrades. This supposedly upgraded their coverage from 68% (or perhaps 80%, depending on which article you read) to 94%. Either way, that is pocket money for such an extensive upgrade and explains why there are already so many complaints about the upgrade.
  • edit* edit*

    "and I hate Telstra." I felt I was lied to by the Vodafone representative.

    Why hate Telstra when it was Vodaphone that lied. Do you also now hate Vodaphone. (Strange)
  • edit* edit*

    "Why hate Telstra when it was Vodaphone that lied. Do you also now hate Vodaphone. (Strange)"

    This type of comment is worthless and not worth making. The post you are replying to is totally clear, and contributes to the discussion.
    This is typical of biased people who are lurking and attacking the posters rather dealing with the facts is the issue at hand. You are noise.
  • City OK... Regional: terrible.

    I lived in Melbourne til the start of this year. Shifting to Horsham (half way between Melbourne & Adelaide), I found that VF not only lack 3G coverage here, but basic coverage is lacking. Drive 10 mins from town, and my mates with Telstra have full 3G coverage... I have nothing.
    On top of the poor coverage is what is becoming very bad service: call centre staff who cannot answer questions; calls not returned; phone signal disappears for anything from a day to a week without reason. Vodafone is about to lose a customer to Tel$tra.
    Very disappointed.
  • edit* edit* edit*

    Worthless ? Then why reply to it and comment further ?
  • edited *

    "Why hate Telstra when it was Vodaphone that lied. Do you also now hate Vodaphone. (Strange)"

    The fact is that he has stated that he is annoyed with Vodaphone and now has to drop them and move to Telstra, and then contradicts himself by saying he was satisfied with Vodaphone's deals. So work that all out genius.
  • carrier

    HEY man if you hate Telstra and Vodafone dont give you no service - get Optus pal. They've long overtaken Vodafone as Australia's 2nd carrier (coverage wise) along time ago. I've suffered the same fate. Vodafone don't care, it makes all it's mony in Europe - and mugs like you and me. Ditch them
  • re .................Regional: terrible.

    So what do the Telstra bashers, feel about this little scenario. Hmmmm.
  • vodafone to telstra switch

    I have been with telstra for around 6yrs now and am starting to have alot of dramas with there billing. At the start of the year my bills went from average of $100 a month to around $600 a month. all the fights and getting transfered when I rang up to see why it was happening were a waste of time. I couldnt get a straight answer and was on hold for hours. I threatened with calling consumer affairs and the bills went back to normal. It is now happening again so called conumer affairs today who gave me a number to call for telecomunications omnusman to try sort it out for me.
  • Ha ha ha, what a JOKE. I just bought an iPhone 3GS today with Vodafone (as supposedly they had the best coverage). I bought it at Westfield, Bondi Junction and within a few minutes of driving towards Vaucluse there was no reception. "94%" is a big publicity lie. I don't care if they have reception out in Woggorongolong or whatever, but if they cannot even offer reception in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney they're doing a pretty slack job.