Vodafone may face class action

Vodafone may face class action

Summary: Vodafone may be the target of a class action lawsuit from customers angry over the ongoing call connection and data problems with the telco's mobile network.

TOPICS: Outage, Legal, Telcos

Vodafone may become the target of a class action lawsuit from customers angry over ongoing call connection and data problems with the telco's mobile network.

Sydney lawfirm Piper Alderman is currently investigating the possibility of taking class action against the telco following months of complaints from customers about the service on the company's 3G network.

"Calls dropping out, reception issues, poor data performance — this is not what Vodafone customers signed up for. Vodafone, however, has continued to charge customers on its mobile plans, without providing the service it promised," the firm said on its website.

"Customers who signed up with Vodafone over the last three years may be entitled to compensation if they were misled into signing contracts or if Vodafone did not live up to its end of the bargain."

Piper Alderman said it would be investigating whether it could recover funds (including interest) for customers for the past three years and said that there will be no financial costs for Vodafone customers unless the firm can successfully win compensation from the telco.

Vodafone said that it was aware of the law firm's intentions, but added that the most important thing it could do was to improve customers' experiences and resolve issues.

The telco is currently in the process of upgrading its 3G networks.

Vodafone said it was keeping the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission informed about what it was doing to improve network performance and customer service, and that it was keeping customers informed of changes via its website.

"Our network performance is improving and we are confident that things will get better as we continue to roll out extra capacity across our network," the company said in a statement.

Last week Vodafone Hutchison Australia CEO Nigel Dews issued an apology to customers for the problems with the network and the telco's failure to accurately communicate those issues with customers.

"Having customers who are happy with their service and their network experience is central to us, but unfortunately in recent weeks, some customers have had a disappointing and frustrating experience, which I am very sorry for," Dews said.

"Looking at your comments on various blogs including here on our own, it's clear we could have done a better job at keeping you across what's been happening," he admitted.

Vodafone customers interested joining on the action can do so by filling in a form on Piper Alderman's website.

Topics: Outage, Legal, Telcos


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  • I live just outside Beenleigh City, (approx six klms) I have lived here for two and a half years. When renewing my contract, I was told reception was being improved. This has not happened. I have to leave my mobile handset outside and speak through a Blueant handsfree device. This is most inconvenient when it is raining, cold or very hot. Prior to this contract, Vodafone delivered a fair service when I was living in the city area.
    Patricia Blades
  • I have been a vodafone customer for the past two years. My phones cuts off when I visit for work a town in victoria alled Daylesford. It can turn off fo 2 days and vodaphone have even have to reset it. They say there is no coverage. I visit every two weeks. Also I pay my bills often by cash at the PO have receipts but they are not credited. Camberwell staff in Vic have been able to assist in the past but not now. I have 4 months of receipts but no credits. Also being chatrged for call to regional towns which was part of my $79 plan
  • I was a 3 customer for years and when I went to renew my contract I was told that I had to sign up with vodafone as 3 had bought vodafone out 'BIG MISTAKE' my phone is now 70% of the time out of coverage. When it does work it keeps dropping out. NOT HAPPY JAN.
  • Like julieanna, I'm a 3 customer. I've noticed that 3 sometimes connects to the mobile network using Vodafone's infrastructure. I haven't really done much testing to prove that I'm a victim of Vodafail, but I'm also experiencing all of the above (call dropouts, poor data performance etc). Am I mistaken, or have the 3 customers been forgotten about with this issue?
  • I used to be a big fan of Vodafone, I remember giving them a "4/4" when they called me about a customer survey a couple of years back. Lately it has been getting gradually worse and now it's a frequent issue. Recently I have been getting call drops where I never had them before, I get voicemail messages from missed calls when my phone is on me with full reception, and last week for whole day I couldn't dial out or receive calls in the part of town I was in even though I had full reception, as soon I moved to a different tower it was fine. I'm in the ACT and there also seems to be a number of clearly identifiable data black spots that didn't exist in the past. Have tried calling them multiple times about these issues and never get through due to permanently high call volumes (i.e. the time to report the inconvenience is proving to be too major an inconvenience in itself).

    Ironically these are the exact same issues I had with Three while I was using them for a second mobile service. I feel like they have poisoned my previously decent carrier.
  • Bad coverage, drop outs, unable to use the internet to check anything, the customer service used to get street directions (when unable to access google maps due to connection issues) costs an absolute fortune and even then the directions, are at best, completely unable to be deciphered. Angry customer here, what a waste of money!!!!!!!! The only reason i'm still with them is because I am on a contract. The worst bit is that my handset sucks....i called to buy an iphone and got COMPLETELY talked out of it and into a Samsung Jet because iphones were out of stock. The sales guy totally sucked me in. UNHAPPY!!!
    Libby Sherring
  • I live 25kms SE of Brisbane City at Victoria Point, my wireless service he is appauling, the best signal i can get is very poor and it drops in and out every 5 seconds!! At least a couple of days a week i get no service at all!!
    I am so over this!!!!!!!!
    Leigh Ellis