Vodafone revamps business email

Vodafone revamps business email

Summary: Brief: Mobile operator claims to be the first to offer an own-brand push email service in the UK

TOPICS: Networking

Vodafone has announced a revamp of its mobile email portfolio.

Vodafone, which picked Visto for its mobile email provider earlier this year, has launched the offering under the name of Vodafone Business Email.

This, according to the operator, means it is the first UK operator to be offering its own brand service. While the operator has already launched the service in other European countries, the service was delayed in the UK while Vodafone conducted some country-specific customisation.

Vodafone's own brand offering will sit alongside RIM's BlackBerry Connect service and Microsoft Exchange email product, with direct push functionality to be added next year.

Vodafone is also rolling out some extra support services to go with its email product, including over-the-air device wiping and configuring functionality.

Topic: Networking

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  • I personally would like a widget, when Windows Vista is out, so that I could check my mobile email account and balance on my PC free and easily.

    There is a mobile operator that has one out for the Mac already, or maybe someone made it, it might not be official, oh I don't know.
  • i received a message on my T-MOBILE phone indicating i have been sent a picture message from a vodafone customer in london. i have been assigned a password to help me receive my message but all attempts to get to the web site turned up zero .the site suppose to be www.vodafone.co.uk/livestudio.but everytime i enter the web address it comes out with no march for my query. i know the sender we have talk about it but i need my picture. thanks in anticipation .