Walking around LinuxCon 2013

Walking around LinuxCon 2013

Summary: What it's like at a LinuxCon? Join me in a virtual walk about the North America LinuxCon 2013 in New Orleans.

TOPICS: Linux, Open Source

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Topics: Linux, Open Source

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  • Linux is the future of . . .

    Quote, "Let's start with the keynote where Valve CEO Gabe Newell, said that proprietary software and closed platforms are gaming's past and that its future is open and on Linux."

    Funny, I first heard that 20 years ago from some Linux types that told me that Linux would ensure MS bankruptcy shortly.

    20 years later and I can't count the $billions of profit made by MS, well, you get the picture.

    Credibility of these "Linux is the future" statements come up lacking.
    • Future of nothing!

      Like, totally! Linux types have no clue!
      "Linux will rule the Internet." HA! IIS for the win!
      "Linux will rule high-performance computing." More fraud! The top supercomputers run Win8, right?
      "Linux will rule the datacenter." Total lie! All our DB servers run on Vista, naturally.
      "Linux will rule mobile." Another lie! I love my WinPhone. Everybody I know has one!

      Now they say "Linux will rule gaming." Pffft! Never gonna happen...
      Aunty Troll
      • Oopsies

        "Credibility of these 'Linux is the future' statements come up lacking."

        Actually, you're right. About 'the future' bit. ;-)
  • I see a lot of empty chairs in the one photograph

    and not many people around the displys in another one.

    This is nothing like an Apple developer conference.
    Timothy Cook
  • Fossball table

    I see what you did there...FOSSball table.
  • Dear SJVN:

    who's the babe with the Macbook? We ask, since she takes up much of the pic and 95% of the attention of 85% of your readers!