Walmart starts selling Hisense Sero 7-inch Android tablets from $99

Walmart starts selling Hisense Sero 7-inch Android tablets from $99

Summary: As the Android tablet price war escalates, you can also step up to the Tegra 3 quad-core Sero 7 Pro for $149.


While there have been lower-tier Android tablets available on the cheap for some time, Walmart's decision to promote Hisense's Sero 7 version for $99 starting this weekend marks an important next step in the tablet pricing wars.

You might see other 7-inch Android slates at drugstores and the like for similar prices or lower, but they aren't given the Walmart seal of approval through website banners like the one above from The $99 Sero 7 isn't going to be confused with a high-end model, as it includes specs like a 1.6GHz dual-core processor from an unnamed manufacturer, standard 1,024x600 resolution, Android Jelly Bean 4.1, and a mere 4GB of storage (though it does include a microSD card slot for additional capacity). Then again, it is breaking the $100 price barrier.

If you are looking for a better-equipped model for less, the Sero 7 Pro still will only set you back $149, but you get a quad-core Tegra 3 chip, double the storage, the newer Android Jelly Bean 4.2, and a higher-res screen (1,280x800). That compares well with the Google Nexus 7 if you don't want 16GB of storage for $50 more.

Of course, there may be reluctance on the part of some buyers to purchase a tablet from a vendor like Hisense that's not well-known in the United States. Others may find the deal too good to pass up, however. Enough of such buyers may put more pressure on other Android tablet makers to drop their prices. Could $99 could be the next price point new budget tablets will be sold around?

Are you one of those who thinks the new Sero 7 tablets are a good deal? Are you planning to buy one? Let us know in the Talkback section below. 


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  • Die Microsoft, die!

    Hopefully this will be another nail in their coffin.
    • In addition to...

      PC's being made with Windows and Android operating systems. It's over, Microsoft.
      D.J. 43
      • Had Problems

        My sister bought two of the $150 HiSense tablet and yes, the have operating system failure problems quite frequently. Some of the hardware components also didn't work right or didn't work at all.
        Kate in WA
    • It won't be

      The experience on these tablets will be horrible.
      Michael Alan Goff
      • Re: The experience on these ... will be horrible.

        That's what the Apple Mac fans said about the first few versions of Microsoft Windows.
        • Bad comparison

          Macs were insanely more expensive than a Windows PC.

          You can get a much better tablet for roughly 100$ or so more.
          Michael Alan Goff
          • Re: You can get a much better tablet for roughly 100$ or so more.

            Which is double or more the price.
          • Wow


            And if it was 300$, it'd be triple the price. But I'd rather have a good tablet for 200-300 than a horrible one for 100.

            You could also get some netbooks for 150$ too. Those didn't end up selling when there were other ones that were actually decent at 300$.
            Michael Alan Goff
          • Actually they weren't.

            A Mac Classic (circa 1990) was no more expensive than any garden variety PC... certainly not one capable of running Windows 3.0.
          • Then

            Why did Windows win?

            Windows when it initially came out, and for the first few releases, was beyond bad.
            Michael Alan Goff
      • Poor Quality

        At this price I bought three the night they became available.

        I've tested them out and have had a few problems, the biggest is they keep shutting down and it's not because of sleep mode. I've reset them all three times, still same problems.

        The MicroSD slot is also bad on one of them and another one has a bad camera.

        If this is the best they can do, It's not very good.

        Time to return them
        Tess Hamilton
      • I've got one

        It's lovely.
      • The experience on these tablets will be fine.

        The Sero 7 is better than my Novo 7 Elf, and it's been a great little tablet. What exactly do you think will be "horrible" about them?
      • disagree

        I happen to have two of these tablets that I have had for almost 6 months and haven't had the first problem, now I'm not gonna say that there won't be duds but there are duds in all companies. In fact I'm using the hisense zero pro now to make this comment. But making assumptions off of a couple of people having problems isn't right. If that was the case then there would be very few companies that got off the ground.
    • Hisense Tablet Production Having Problems

      I bought two of the $150 Pro and one $99 Cheaper version and they all had operating systems problems and shutting down constantly - not sure what the deal is
      dexter RTS
  • Pressure

    Yeah, but think of how good the entry level specs will be in another year or so.

    The Android army is conquering the globe !
    • Sero 7 Pro not so good

      Despite reading a few other reviews on this tablet of customers already complaining about issues with this tablet, I went ahead and bought one anyway. What's there to lose.

      Unfortunately, I think this company that makes it has some factory control issues, I don't know, maybe they rushed to production.

      Others found that the OS crashes a lot and I came to the same conclusion. I did a factory reset several times and kept experiencing shut downs, even without installing any other Apps.

      The MicroSD card slot also had problems reading cards.

      Others have noted problems with the HDMI port, didn't have a chance to check mine, but the camera function was bad with a constant blurred image. I thought it may be the settings and reset it a number of ways, still having problems, unfortunately.

      Needless to say, I did take mine back.
      wes PnK
      • Haven't had any problems

        I purchased 2 of the pros 7's and both work flawlessly. mounted my 32gig sdhc cards and no problems.
        Benchmarked with PassMark
        overall score: 2140
        cpu mark: 8579
        disk mark: 6798
        All the scores were above or near the asus trans prime tf201 and was above all scores of nexus7.
        The battery has lasted over 7 hrs. of use and still going.
        John Mangus
        • update on hisense pro 7 tablet

          I bought a HDMI cable and connected the tablet to my tv and worked perfect, great sound and picture. Also, the tablet has been on for 10 hours and still has 20% charge left
          John Mangus
  • "the Walmart seal of approval"...

    sorry, but that's "rich"! Is this seal in the same category as something like the ADA (Amercian Dental Association) seal of approval? Didn't think so. All it means is that Walmart finally found a manufacturer willing to cut their own throats to get products in Walmart. Guess if a person has a spare hundred bucks to toss it might be a distraction for the kids. I feel for the CMSs at Walmart though...they will be tasked with dealing with the unsatisfied customers when the inevitable return happens.