What caught our eye at CeBIT 2009

What caught our eye at CeBIT 2009

Summary: Interesting exhibits at this year's CeBIT technology show included secure VoIP software for Android, the latest Eee PC netbook and MSI's Winki dongle

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  • This year's CeBIT technology show was a more trimmed-down affair than the usual extravaganza, as evidenced by the spartan nature of the Green IT section, pictured above.

    This does not mean, however, that there was nothing worthwhile on display. Over the following pages, ZDNet UK presents some of the more interesting items being exhibited in Hanover, Germany.

  • Pictured above is a network communication device, the Secbox Rabbit, that was designed by the Hungarian security company Navayo Technologies. Designed to be inserted into a laptop's ExpressCard slot, the device enables a private virtual network for secure VoIP communication.

    That same functionality can also be enabled in mobile phones using various kinds of operating system. A few weeks before CeBIT, Navayo introduced a mini-SD card for handsets running on the Android operating system, allowing users to implement secure communications through Google's OS.

Topic: Hardware

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