What the iPhone 6 needs to stay ahead of the game

What the iPhone 6 needs to stay ahead of the game

Summary: With rumors circulating that Apple will unveil the next iPhone in September, here's a look at what Apple's iPhone 6 needs to stay ahead of the game and beat off the competition.

TOPICS: Mobility, Apple, iOS, iPhone

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  • Introduction

    With rumors circulating that Apple will unveil the next iPhone in September, speculation as to what the iPhone 6 will bring to the table hitting fever-pitch, the usual tech websites are awash with mockups and what claim to be leaked parts from the next-gen handset.

    Rather than wade through the gossips and conjecture, I'm going to approach my take on the iPhone 6 from a different angle and look at what it needs to stay ahead of the game.

    Forget about pseudo-3D displays and smartwatch connectivity, here's what the iPhone 6 needs to stay ahead of the game.

  • The threats

    Let's start by looking at the threats facing the iPhone. Primarily I see the danger coming from two directions. First is Samsung and it's flagship Galaxy S5. Samsung has packed a lot of new sensors and gizmos into its flagship handset, which will no doubt appeal to those who like to have new toys to play with.

    Another threat is from Amazon and the Fire Phone with its cool 3D-esque display. Sure, it comes across as a bit gimmicky, but gimmicks sell, and Amazon has access to a massive potential customer base at which it can push the handset.

    While Apple hasn't been sitting on its hands over the past few years, it's time for the Cupertino giant to now leverage features such as the 64-bit processor, the fingerprint reader and M7 motion co-processor and take these to the next level.

  • Bigger screens

    Apple kicked off the touchscreen smartphone revolution with the iPhone that originally featured a 3.5-inch screen. This was increased to 4-inch with the iPhone 5. However, the portability of the small screen has given way to a fetish for devices that no longer fit in the pocket.

    Rumor has it that Apple will bump the screen of the iPhone up from 4-inch to 4.7-inch or possibly to 5.5-inch to compete with the large screen smartphones and phablets now available.

    People want bigger screens, and Apple will I feel need to follow the herd and give people more display to interact with.

Topics: Mobility, Apple, iOS, iPhone

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  • stay ahead?

    Isn't this what the iPhone needs to even remain in the game?
    • all in how you choose to view it

      In other words it depends on what the mean of 'it' is.

      While no longer the number one phone OS, iPhone may still be the number one individual phone. Of course Samsung has 20 - 30 phones and other vendors have dozens more making for a rich selection to choose from for the consumer compared to Apple's 2 - 3 phones; unless you want to count colors.
      • You might also point out that the iPhone now...

        sells more than all Samsung smartphone models combined.
        • Not sure where you're getting your info...

          I was shocked to read your post as Apple has been second for some time now. You may be right if you look over the entire life of smartphones but Apple best not rest on their laurels. If they want to maintain (or really re-gain) their edge, Apple really needs to listen to their customers and slowly make changes appropriately. I was an iPhone user from the very beginning and recently and reluctantly made the jump to a Note 3. I couldn't be happier! I am amazed at how customizable it is. I can even "Delete All" e-mails in my inbox (a long sore spot for me). It has been my experience that Apple has become arrogant and arrogance kills businesses.
          • Seriously?

            This is in "first place", that is in "second place"......who really gives a crap? I hate childish, pointless conversations like this.
          • Not my intent

            I only replied to this in that manner because the gentleman's initial statement was grossly inaccurate. My true point is: Apple better get hot in the innovation department, listen to their customers and stay hungry or we'll be speaking of them in the same manner that we speak of how innovative Atari "was" in the video game world. I am all about supporting US based companies as I am an American but I hate to see this company become a victim of it's own success.
          • err. no

            Listening to customers is the biggest mistake that most companies make.

            Customers don't know what they want until they've seen it.

            Which is fine if your following along after the pack. But it's not a position from which you can innovate.
            Henry 3 Dogg
          • Good thing you don't run a business

            The very FIRST thing any company must do is understand where people are spending their money today.
            People vote with their wallets.

            You don't want to launch a product, and have people vote with their wallets on your competitor's products - because you didn't compete.

            Companies HAVE to listen to their customers, and understand what (and why) they are buying.
            You can't surpass your competitor if you don't understand your competitor's success, and at MINIMUM address that within your own product.
            This is exactly why product comparisons exist.

            You would fail as an executive.

            Tim Cook isn't.
            And if Apple hadn't begun incorporating features that were "innovated" in Android recently (you can even replace your keyboard, install Swype, this time around!), they'd LONG ago have become a laughably obsolete product.
            Apple knows better. You should too!
          • those bastard customers

            there's something to what you say, but the devil is always in the detail .....
            your hypothetical customers have already seen 5 out of 6 on this wishlist, seen them on android handsets and seen some of them for years
          • Not a student of history are you?

            "err. no
            Listening to customers is the biggest mistake that most companies make."

            So, it is your contention that Apple follow the example of Microsoft's strategy, as with Windows 8, and force changes on customers they absolutely hate?

            Only set them back a few years in a world where two months is an eternity.

          • Apple has never listened to their customers

            They also haven't ever led the innovation trail (save for, arguably, the first iPhone, which essentially pioneered nothing other than an "all touchscreen" phone), which DOES make listening to customers important.

            People vote with their wallets.

            What Apple needs to do is understand that as long as they aren't leading the smartphone paradigm (which they won't and don't, as long as they don't lead the innovation trail), they need to deliver a product that - at minimum - provides the features that people are voting with their wallets to buy on products that aren't iPhones.

            And to be fair - Apple HAS been doing this.
            Just like Google was accused of doing when it wasn't wildly out in first place - Apple has been incorporating and adopting Android features, to keep it's phones at least viable in a world where more and more people are appreciating and using Android features.
            If Apple had NOT done that bare minimum work, the iPhone would have long ago been a laughable device.

            And for anyone not still stuck on an iPhone, announcements of new features in the most recent iOS are jaw dropping to us "Really? You mean you couldn't do that before? I was doing that on my phone 4 years ago..."

            And on a side note - if you are "all about supporting US companies" you should feel your skin burn for even touching an Apple product. I won't.

            This company has adopted a very anti-American stance, as far as an "American" company can get:
            They have pocketed over $150B (that's BILLION) in profits, in cash, in their bank accounts.
            We've recently learned that much of that is held in an Irish bank, part of that tax shelter scandal - as our country is suffering a terrible recession, Apple doesn't want to even pay it's taxes.

            It's certainly not building iDevice factories here... and there's suicide nets around the ones it sends all those millions of dollars to in China. $150B will buy a LOT of factories and create a LOT of jobs - but only IF you build them.

            The data centers that it builds here, it staffs an upper-tier of management, and uses temporary workers to round out the staff, because otherwise they'd have to pay living wages, salaries, benefits, etc. Thanks, Apple!

            Even the ecosystem is anti-American - at least if you believe in Anti-trust laws. With an iDevice, you can't buy or load apps from outside sources - everything through Apple.
            Even to the degree where if you are trying to publish an app, and aren't using THEIR payment system - if you are Amazon and trying to use YOUR payment system - you can't, they'll ban your app. Why? Because they tariff 30% of all money spent on or in any app on every iDevice - reminiscent of Mob "protection money". Buy a $1000 TV on an Amazon app on the iPhone? Apple steals $300 of that for itself. What a "feature".

            If you love the American way, and American business, put this one OUT of business.
          • First Place

            ... but but ... Scott, you mean you don't worry every day that the phone you are completely satisfied with that does more than you would ever want it to isn't the first place seller? ;)
            Max Peck
          • But you're missing the point

            It's all about who's phone can pee higher.

            It's all bizarre to me. I like my htc one. I would recommend it to a friend, I'd probably buy another htc based on it.

            Do you know what I wouldn't do? Comment on every samsung article I can find with all the reasons I can think of why I chose to buy a htc one instead of a samsung s4 nearly two years ago. Partly because that's unbelievably tedious, but mostly because as a non ssung s4 owner, my opinion just doesn't matter.

            I have no idea what it's like to live with.

            It's like leaving a bad review on a supermarket website for a can of peas you saw on the shelf and didn't fancy for tea. If you didn't eat them, it may matter to the label designer that you didn't like the label, but other consumers couldn't give a hoot.
          • Thats not apples way

            They dont listen to customers, they tell the customer what the customer wants, and the customer screams for years about how what they are told is exactly what they want.
          • Demographics

            There's a whole demographic of people, perhaps neophytes, who LIKE it this way.
            Demographics - they aren't all encompassing.
            That's why Apple is limited to a subset of the overall smartphone marketshare.
            Many people want choices, they want control, they don't want to be controlled.
            Those people are not Apple's customers.
          • Note 3

            It blows Apple away. Samsung has a much faster upgrade cycle, great apps and the voice
            Command and translator are far superior to Apple.
            Michael Lodge
        • really?

          I doubt that
      • US PC’s have slipped to #4 as MAC OS ,

        For three decades, Microsoft has pre-released it new operating system complete with a hefty price tag. The truth is, they don’t have a BETA Trial System. You are their BETA Trial.
        Notice, how there is always a hook to sending a complaint regarding a bug in the system. From the moment you plug it in those start popping up. Although major manufacturers that relay on their drivers being ready for a new Windows upgrade, any Tech that isn’t related to Nanci Pelosi, will admit that while Microsoft was first out with Windows and maintains around a 70% share of the PC Market, we’ve dedicated an entire room of isolated single servers with up to 8 Windows machines once a new system is released. Average time before the head of the unit will allow even the top Administration to connect to the main server? 8 months!
        There are several reasons for this, love level techs that were working at TACO BElLL last week. Six weeks minimum for a Microsoft Tech to get around to finding the serious bug,mostly due to his desk overflowing with stacks of other Beta Testers (the public) and best yet. A year later will introduce Windows 8.1 and Windows users who still think the President is searching for foreign Terrorists during 15000” flyovers the Us Capital. PC manufacturers pay through the nose unless every unit shipped doesn’t come with Window’s 8 and separately charged.
        I predict GM and Microsoft will merge simply due to their business models that are so identical, create a vehicle that will all enjoy a vacation in the State of Washington. I’m assuming he returned to Microsoft because after almost two years, they successfully distributed the bulk of their billions. Unfortunately, the requests were so great and the choices hard, word is that Bill go tired of waiting. The bottom-line is that Mocrofost Servers and/or their operating systems have provided tens of thousands of jobs, not only in the US but in almost every civilized country. The problem is, they are not branches of Microsoft but rather a cottage industry of over 100 Virus, Trogan Horses, Spyware and now Google is openly contracted by the Federal Government. They even wiggled their way into Apple Apps with a Digital Signature. Once the user supplies information seldom EVER asked for, their parent company the NSA, upon completion of the required information provides two choices. Allow Google to have complete and unfettered access to your hard drive under the guise of uploading any document that could possibly be used for the purposes of providing a Digital Signature. A disclaimer once the load is complete, provides the user the option of changing the “shared” default to private. Long after the government has uploaded every single one. While publicly traded television media, is faced with providing news 24/7 and shareholders breathing down their neck, should they not report the news in the manner it is presented to them, that network looses access to the Whitehouse and any future interviews. As advertising,and viewership switch to the now weekly segment of local hand picked children doing jumping jumping jacks in the white house drive way, the previous segments of the president and First Lady sneaking over to visit with the hospitalized veterans. My research indicates that Mrs. Obama began this effort shortly after their first term. And yet, not one of the hundreds of veterans, hospital workers,families, never mentioned what has become what President Obama claimed was a national disgrace.

        While journalists have long finished their pitcher of Kool-aid, never once did a common sense question, even for a stay at home journalist although the very controlled photo ops seemed to indicate that the President was having private conversations with the troops. However, these men were hospitalized within hours after departing their plane from Afghanistan. It is doubtful they were even aware of the issue. and back when the US actually was in possession of a document that served as a standard, while morals became the subject of “situation ethics” and it was difficult to have any ethics which out morals. This left the government with a legal interpretation,found to be unnecessary when a President is covered by the Patriot Act (short version - all privacy protections from the past 200 years vanished, the War Powers Act, passed for a President to by-pass various notifications of the other three branches to allow the ability for time-sensitive intel to be approved strictly by the president due to the need for immediate action. What better way to use both legal exceptions than to justify the removal of the ONLY remaining Constitutional protection which the Administration refers to as “an impediment” and replace traditional bills with elevated use of Executive Orders. Once our Allies discovered drones were intercepting all their cell phone calls (another obvious terrorist threat) the United States went from the Moral Conscience of the world to probably the most immoral country in the Western hemisphere. And although the former NSA Analyst would have quickly been assented by the CiA or the NSA, he never released any strategic compromising secrets although is text book definition of whistle blowing was instead had fed to the three media outlets and read exactly as written. However,it took six years to finally expose the secret spying on American Citizens who quickly huddled in fear and another magically written document appeared under George Bush who was responsible for raising the deficit to its highest level in history and like a typical Wall Street executive who gamble failed and as he prepared the corporate jet for another country where his hidden assets were safely hidden. So Daddy Bush suggests the former Chairman of Goldman Sachs to use their creative thoughts to save us from another depression. The President couldn’t be leaving office with a legacy of placing the country into depression, and then Treasury Secretary learned that the US had an “ace in the whole” corporations didn’t. He could order the Bureau of engraving and printing had some printing presses that weren’t in use. With the dollar as the world wide backing of all currency, he could print billions of dollars all night, and they run them up stairs and deposit them directly into the governments account, thus propping up the balance with funny money. Soon after president obama is president, appoints for New York Federal Chair Timothy Geitner, who orders additional printers and triples the amount deposited in the governments account. Yet Secretary Geitner was well aware that what averted a crisis was never intended to continue for years, and shortly before the dollar was downgraded, he resigns and if he’s smart, hopefully had socked away anything but dollars, preferably gold or precious metals knowing that only France, Germany, Canada, and England were will trading with US back dollars, but the combination of the inevitable, the exposure of a President, no longer respected throughout the world, and both Muslim Countries trading in their own currency, while China & Russia recently completed a major financial exchange between them that relied on each of their own currency. Its just a matter of time before your TV is interrupted by the Emergency Broadcast network announcing the dollar has just been replaced by whatever which will bring a halt to the false numbers and the propping up of the government. Inflation already rising exponentially will increase by 30% over night. The Stock market will close, along with the banks, people won’t have electronic access to their money. Shortly after the electric will cut off, along with water and the us will experience what was a precursor to another Katrina until the United Nations and the World Court determines how to combine the region of Canada, the US, Mexico, and the countries beneath them in an unprecedented reorganization of the world and a totally new monetary system. Merchants will not be able to take worthless paper money, debit/credit machines are dead and only those with actual silver, gold, or something to harder with will be able to buy or sell. Its not very far off and the government has been preparing for it for months as the President declares Marshall Law and him and Congress jet out of the country where each of them have earlier converted millions to actual gold. And while many now have generators that may last close to a week, or stored up food for just this possibility will be over run with desperate neighbors. Fear and starvation plus no running water, will quickly deteriorate to anarchy with mr.Gates long gone but his machines now useless.
        Cell service non existent. Sounds like science fiction yet Washington has been aware of it for many months and the movements of Homeland Security practicing crown control . Gun owners may stave of intruders but not the US Military. And while Rome burned Nero fiddled. The problems date to Lyndon Johnson who took Social Security and added it to General Revenue and Nixon did away with the Gold Standard. Today 600 people own more than half of the wealth. And except for the Financial times and the Wall Street Journal, only a few articles warned of the consequences.
        • tl; dr

          Too long, didn't read
        • Dude! Cut back on the meds...

          it's messing you up.