What's on Microsoft's conference calendar for 2014

What's on Microsoft's conference calendar for 2014

Summary: Microsoft's show calendar for 2014 is starting to come into focus.

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Microsoft's conference dance card is starting to fill in for 2014. 


While the Softies aren't expectedto have much of a presence -- beyond a supporting one in a few meeting rooms -- at CES next week, they'll still be there. Microsoft officials also will be at a few other major non-Microsoft-run shows, like NRF, Mobile World Congress and the Game Developers Conference in the coming year.

But Microsoft's main event push in 2014, as it was in 2013, is expected to be at Microsoft-sponsored events, like Convergence, Build, TechEd and WPC. Microsoft also will likely schedule and host some additional product-specific events along the line, as it did last year.

Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2014 Las Vegas
January 7-10

Expect Microsoft to be backing its OEMs' plays (even if they're dabbling with Android and/or ChromeOS, too) at CES. Maybe we'll even see a Nokia announcement or two. (Lumia 929, anyone?) 

National Retail Federation Show 2014 New York, NY
January 13-14

NRF is typically a showcase for Microsoft's embedded and point-of-sale technologies. In the past, it's also been a place for showing off the original Surface table.

Microsoft Project Conference Anaheim, CA
February 2-5

Microsoft Lync 2014 Conference Las Vegas
February 17-20

Mobile World Congress Barcelona
February 24-27

There will be a Nokia developer conference on the 25th at the show. (Thanks @gspyrou)  Maybe we'll hear something about the Windows Phone Blue (8.1) release here; maybe not.

Microsoft SharePoint Conference 2014 Las Vegas
March 3-6

Convergence 2014 Atlanta, GA
March 4-7

Microsoft's annual confab for its Dynamics CRM and ERP customers and partners.

Game Developers Conference San Francisco, CA
March 17-21

Microsoft Exchange Conference (MEC) 2014 Austin, TX
March 31-April 2

Build 2014 San Francisco, CA
April 2-4

All eyes will be on Windows Phone Blue, Windows 8.1 Update 1, Xbox One, Visual Studio and maybe even Office "Gemini" at Microsoft's premiere developer conference. Registration opens January 14.

TechEd North America 2014 Houston, TX
May 12-15

If the rumors are right, this year's TechEd may be the last. The content at TechEd North America this year also is expected to include some management-specifc tracks, as the Microsoft Management Summit (MMS) is now being folded into this show.

E3 2014 Los Angeles
June 10-12

Games, gamers and gaming/entertainment devices galore.

Worldwide Partner Conference Washington, DC
July 13-17

IFA Berlin
September 5-10

A favorite Microsoft venue for highlighting new PCs, tablets and other Windows-based devices.

TechEd Europe 2014
October (dates and location not yet public)

There had been some speculation Microsoft might drop TechEd Europe this year. But thanks to info unearthed by one of my contacts, it sounds like the show will go on (at least this year).

SQL PASS 2014 Seattle, WA
November 4-7

Any other big Microsoft-run or Microsoft-centric events I've missed?

Topic: Microsoft


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  • New stuff I wan't to see

    New CEO, Windows phone 8.1, Windows 8.2, Windows Phone and Windows RT Merge, New version of .Net MVC, New .Net Compiler, Office 2015, New Azure version.

    + New stuff for XBOX One, One last hurrah for Xbox 360, Surface 3 / Pro 3, a Smaller Surface
    + Final release at the end of the year of the Siena project

    Windows 8.2 will bring back a new form of start Menu. Something that merges the left swipe (running apps) and the Start screen. It will also introduce a new usage profile setting that allows users to decide how a user want's to use Windows Desktop, Mobile or Hybrid. 8.2 Will also introduce a new gesture from the start screen. Swiping up from the middle of the screen will bring the Desktop just like the “more apps” screen appear when we swipe down. There will be a new much needed notification center and the ability to run Metro apps from the desktop. The tiles will also get new functionalities. Button will make it possible to interact with the app data without starting the app.
    • RE:

      Tiles? Swiping? Gestures? The only gesture for any form of Windows 8.x is a big middle finger.
      • Turn off Skype.

        Your mom doesn't seem to be happy with you.
    • Great Ideas

      This I think will make 8.1 a lot better.
    • New stuff I wan't to see

      I would like to see one serious addition to the Xbox One... a Windows desktop.

      The only reason I still have a desktop PC is to play games like World of Warcraft, StarCraft, etc... that really need a keyboard and mouse to play comfortably. But if they gave the average family the option to also do homework, budgeting, email, etc.. on the device, it just might make the $500 price tag for the hardware more reasonable just for porting their existing desktop code.

      Microsoft has already cut the legs out from under the OEM market with the Surface. It is time to go all out for consumer devices, leave the business market to the OEM's, or retreat back to their previous business model.
    • Good suggestions, plus quit changing the UI for the sake of change...

      ... since users generally just want to get their work done (proof: over 10 million downloads of Classic Shell - which is just one of the available options out there). Plus for Xbox: someone needs to fix - or at least test :) - the UI navigation.
  • The SharePoint Conference is in Las Vegas, California?

    Is that a bait and switch?
  • Missing 2 TechEds

    What about the other 2 TechEds, TechEd Australia and TechEd New Zealand?
  • I have been to Convergence and Build

    Great events. A lot of tracks to follow, to the point you have to miss some sessions you wanted to see. My only complaint is the spam you get from third party vendors after.:)
  • Return of the Start button/menu

    I found this article from a Google Alert I recently set for "Windows 8,2." I'm hoping 8.2 WILL include the reintroduction of the Start button. Perhaps then I'll consider buying a new Windows 8.2 system. Until then I'm sticking with 7. So I hope the rumors are true.
  • Microsoft's future

    Interesting how things have changed.

    The elephant in the room for Microsoft's future is their platform development and deployment strategy.

    OS. A few years ago it became apparent to me that MS is wasting time and resources developing a kernel. There are kernels out there for free that frankly are better and are well maintained. I future strategy could be deploy a windows shell on top of Linux or one of the BSDs. They can hack at the dynamic loader to pull in DLLs, and they can even pull in some of the drivers if they wish. The continued development and deployment of a kernel is no longer cost effective, and in the next 5 years it will be become cost prohibitive given their available talent pool. This could apply to their mobile platform as well. I think there is little chance of this changing at this point. The OS "shell" approach could buy them another 5-10 years of profitability in this area, but if they don't start to adjust in the next 3 years it will be a mess.

    Office. With MS not really supporting any platform but their own, what is happening is mainstream people are finding alternatives to their product set. While MS Office is still the commercial, educational, and residential standard. MS Office will trend downward first in residential and educational environments and sure 365 may retard that trend, nonetheless it shall continue unless they fully embrace Linux, Android, iOS, and Mac OSX. This MS cash cow could continue indefinitely if they adjust accordingly.

    Just some off the top thoughts for the new year.