Where and when can users get Microsoft's Windows Phone 8 devices?

Where and when can users get Microsoft's Windows Phone 8 devices?

Summary: Here's when and how Microsoft and partners will make Windows Phone 8 handsets available.


If you're one of the three percent (the current market share for Windows Phone) -- or someone else considering a new smartphone this holiday season, there's finally word on when and how Microsoft and its partners will make Windows Phone 8 devices available.


The three flagship Windows Phone 8 devices are the Nokia's Lumia 920, HTC's Windows Phone 8X and Samsung's ATIV S. (There are other mid-range phones from a number of Microsoft partners, too.)

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer made the announcements at the Windows Phone 8 launch in San Francisco on October 29.

What sets Windows Phone 8 apart is how it works with Windows PCs, said Ballmer. These are some of the best new phone hardware users will find anywhere, said Ballmer.

In Europe, all of the flagships phones will be available starting this coming weekend and through November.

In the U.S., the phones will be available on Verizon, T-Mobile and AT&T. (There was no mention of Sprint -- sorry Sprint users.)

In the U.S., Verizon will be getting the HTC 8X and the Lumia 822 (the Lumia 820 equivalent, not the 920 equivalent) as of Thanksgiving. The 8X will cost $199 for a 16 GB model for those on contract. The Lumia 822 will be $49 $99 on contract.

Verizon also has an exclusive on the ATIV Odyssey (a variant of the ATIV S). It is due out in December 2012.

T-Mobile will have the Lumia 810 (the 820 equivalent) for $99 on contract, and the HTC 8X for $149 on contract by November 14.

AT&T will have the Lumia 820, the Lumia 920 (exclusively) and the HTC 8X. Again, no dates from AT&T.

Ballmer also said all 65 Microsoft Stores (the permanent ones and the pop ups) will have every Windows Phone 8 device for sale. And every color option will be available through the Microsoft online stores.

There was no word today at all on when Windows Phone 7.8 will be available to existing Windows Phone users. Windows Phone 7.8 is the update that will bring mutli-size tile selection to those existing handsets.

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  • Where and when can users get Microsoft's Windows Phone 8 devices?

    That fills in a lot of the blanks. Now I will have to make a decision on which one of these phones I want. There is the 8X or settle for the 822. Its going to be a hard choice but one that must be made. Looking forward to purchasing one of these Microsoft Windows Phone 8 phones.
    Loverock Davidson-
    • 8x all the way

      As much as I like the Nokia hardware the 822 is a step down from the 8x. I think the 8x's design and feel will be tough to beat. The phone is rumored to be a nice...as nice as the Pureview on the 920 probably not but probably better then the 822.
      • Unfortunately no micro SD card slot

        On the 8x.
        • Save Resource Resources!

          No need for any MicroSD/DM, etc... use the cloud...
          • Re: Save Resource Resources!

            Unfortunately, the cloud does not work for everyone. I like to carry all my music with me because I tend to listen while on continuous shuffle unless im listening to a new album. Also, cell signals get interrupted by the many walls where I work. I'd like to leave my Zune at home but untill I can have expandable memory, cloud storage just doesn't solve any storage problems when I misten to music most.
        • micro SD card slot yes in the UK

          the version of the 820 comming tothe UK with Orange does have a micro SD card slot ?
          round corners and changeable covers. When IS the release date?
    • Mary Jo:

      Do you happen to know when US Cellular will get the new WP8 phones? I'm overdue for a new phone, and have been waiting for WP8 debut. But if it's not going to be for awhile, then I may have to go Android instead....

      • U.S. Cellular wont

        They don't like to pay any company anything for their phones to go with their crappy service.
  • Why Microsoft Why?

    We just had an announcements of Windows Phone 8 at a Nokia/Microsoft event and now here is another one. Again, no immediate availability. When will they learn that there is a time to stop talking and start supplying. Ever have people tell you how good a movie is and, when you finally get to see it, it's a disappointment? I fear this will happen with Windows Phone 8. I wish MS would just wait until the phones are on the trucks before announcing this. It would be so much more exciting if, at the end of the show, they just said: "And, starting today, you can pre-order your phones which will be shipping tomorrow". Arrrgh. The wait continues...
    • Frustrating

      Agreed, completely. I told my wife (who was using her iPhone 5) before the announcement, "Finally, we'll know when I can order the Lumia 920!" But no, I still know absolutely nothing. In fact, not only did Microsoft not tell us when this phone would be available from AT&T, but they couldn't even tell us when AT&T would let us know it would be available! That's just sad.
      • Software is ready

        The software is ready so would that not be AT&Ts decision?
      • Now that MS made WP8 official

        we can expect the carriers to announce the details. MS had a tight lid on WP8 so the delay is because of that. It wouldn't surprise me if AT&T made the due dates available this week.
    • It seems like

      This is an AT&T call and not a Microsoft call - VZW and T-Mobile both have release dates on their WP8 devices.
      • Everyone

        Knows that is Microsoft's call. MS hates against Apple, Google and AT&T. What alternate universe do you live in?
    • Why Why Microsoft Why?

      I agree with you on that. It makes no sense to come to event where they anounce the official debut of WP8, but device won't be available until the carriers announce a date. Frustrating!
  • Samsung ATIV S?

    Mary, do you know who will carry the Samsung ATIV S? The article doesn't mention it.
  • Moving up the adoption rate...

    I will be one of those moving off the malware-plagued Android OS and buying a new Windows 8 Phone (probably the Lumia 920). I'm one of those Sprint customers who sees that carrier is not going to offer Windows 8 phones and probably would not want to spend the money to adequately support them anyway.
    I don't think I will be the only one who will switch either. I only got an Android phone because Sprint had 4G coverage in my town and (at the time) there was no good Windows phone alternative on Sprint. Now that AT&T has 4G LTE coverage in my area, and will be selling the Lumia 920, I guess my destiny lies with Ma Bell.
    I think the adoption rates for Windows 8 Phone will rise as the newer devices make their appearance, and people see the level of integration with the Windows PC's they already own, especially the newer Windows 8 PC's.
    • Lumia920

      If Microsoft wants to sell WP8 then all these phones should be sold at all carriers a.s.a.p.! Can't they see why the IPhone is so popular?
      ATT Exclusive - Why not Verizon Exclusive? Come on, Nokia!
  • Can't wait!

    Admittedly I'm in New Zealand so I may have to wait a bit longer.. but I can't wait! I want one now.. You think you've got it bad over there.. we can't even get the Surface yet.. Sometimes being on this side of the world is hateful!
    • Why not order the Surface...

      ...from Australia?
      Kunal Nanda