Why isn't NZ getting the Kindle?

Why isn't NZ getting the Kindle?

Summary: Amazon's Kindle comes to the Pacific region but not to New Zealand. Why?


Book geeks in New Zealand yesterday went "woohoo" that Amazon's shipping the Kindle ebook reader to the region now, and "WTF?" when they realised the device will bypass Aotearoa.

Why would you do that, Amazon? New Zealanders also read books and it's a bigger market than Fiji, Samoa, Tonga, Wallis and Futuna for instance, all locations that Amazon's happy to ship the Kindle to.

It can't be for technical reasons. If the Kindle works in Australia, it should work in New Zealand too. We have two WCDMA 3G networks to choose from and yes, public Wi-Fi too. In fact, Amazon itself says there's pretty decent wireless network coverage in New Zealand.

Amazon publicly states it has Kindle coverage in NZ
(Credit: Amazon)

Even if the wireless networking here sucked, and it doesn't, you could still load books on the Kindle via a USB connection to a PC hooked up to the internet.

I had a quick word with Telecom New Zealand and Vodafone about the Kindle, but neither seem to have any plans for the device. The Kindle isn't your typical carrier device that can be branded and liveried, I guess, but you'd think one of the networks at least would be keen to have it in retail stores ahead of the summer holidays.

So, Amazon: why isn't the Kindle coming to NZ?

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  • market

    it's nothing to do with the size of the market, bigger markets like Canada and China are not getting it either.
  • reading a book means reading a book

    i believe new zealanders prefer the touch of paper rather than the feel of cheap plastic. do we care about the kindle? probably not. the average joe blogs will probably not even know what it is. there's not much to lose.
  • Sony are just as bad

    I've been trying to get a local source of e-book readers for awhile now, Sonys PRS e-book readers are pretty good but sony NZ advise me via email that they have no plans to sell them here. This whole intentional neglect of an entire market is a major annoyance.
  • Maybe...

    Vodafone rang me late yesterday afternoon, to say that they're "in deep discussions with Amazon" about bringing over the Kindle to NZ.

    Doesn't necessarily mean anything, that, but who knows?
  • What a big surprise

    Yet again NZ gets shafted by the US, is it any wonder that there is piracy going on when that is often the only way you can get hold of stuff in a decent amount of time or at all. I think I'll get my friend in OZ to order one and post it over to me then pay them back... probelm solved.
  • NZ

  • Kindle requires comms deal between local 3G telcos and Amazon

    In the US all the book content is downloaded to the Kindle through AT&T. The local 3G telcos need to allow the content through without billing the phone customer - so that's the sticking point, not Amazon.

    Lobby your 3G provider to get on board and it will happen.
  • Heard from Telecom NZ too

    “We can see the appeal of the Kindle and are looking into our options for a device of this type, there are content considerations also and for this reason it’s too soon to comment further.”
  • reading a book means reading a book

    i absolutely love reading and i buy every book i can get my hand on but the convenience of having something i can get my hands on that fits in my bag rather than lugging around a couple books is awesome and i can't wait til we get it here
  • ---

    Maybe they don't have support set up?
  • Kindle in NZ

    How good is your source that the Kindle is coming to NZ with Vodafone? Did the say when is it coming? I cant wait!
  • Amazon doesn't ship electronics to NZ

    Should ask them why not, actually.