Will Apple and Google kill any buzz created by Windows Phone 8 this week?

Will Apple and Google kill any buzz created by Windows Phone 8 this week?

Summary: Samsung showed off the ATIV S last week and Nokia revealed the Lumia 920 and 820 today. However, with no details on WP8 and a likely launch in late October/early November it seems Apple wins again.

Will Apple and Google kill any buzz created by Windows Phone 8 this week?

Regular readers know I am a fan of Windows Phone and have hopes that it will become a serious contender in the mobile space. Today, Nokia revealed the Lumia 920 and 820 hardware, but Microsoft is holding back details on Windows Phone 8 until the release that is likely not coming until late October or early November. Next week Apple will reveal the new iPhone with preorders likely starting that day and shipping within a week. With Microsoft struggling to gain marketshare for Windows Phone will coming a month after the new iPhone kill the buzz generated this week or are there enough people interested in seeing more about WP8 that waiting is OK?

The new Samsung ATIV S is not exciting to me at all and looks to be just another Samsung phone that happens to run Windows Phone 8. The two new Lumia devices look quite nice with innovations in camera technology, display technology, and integration of wireless charging. The colors are also a nice touch because even if a consumer doesn't buy the flashy yellow or read they may come into the store because of it and end up buying a gray or black one. My current plan is to buy a Lumia 920 as soon as they are released, but that is also because I am a bit bored with iOS. If Apple can show me something unique in the next iPhone then I may buy one in September. This is the problem for Microsoft, announcing now with no details and releasing after the Apple iPhone announcement.

There is currently only one phone officially available that runs Android Jelly Bean, the Galaxy Nexus, but consumers are not that aware of the Nexus brand. However, it is likely that Google will soon announce a new Nexus launching with Jelly Bean while Samsung, Motorola, and HTC may also announce Android Jelly Bean devices prior to the release of Windows Phone 8. Android is killing it in the mobile space at the moment and release of Jelly Bean devices prior to Windows Phone 8 may kill off WP8 sales before they even occur.

Microsoft needs to do something big to gain mind and marketshare for Windows Phone 8 and launching after the iPhone, and maybe after Jelly Bean devices, is not a good start.

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  • Will Apple and Google kill any buzz created by Windows Phone 8 this week?

    Nope, Apple and Google have no hand in this. The buzz will last a few days then fade. Same thing next week with Apple. It will have buzz then fade. This is just the way press releases work.
    Loverock Davidson-
  • Verizon and AT&T

    these vendors BETTER step up their game when it comes to selling these phones....I can't tell you how many times I've gone to a AT&T store and NEVER once been offered the chance to look at ANY other phone then the iphone....they just want to push APPLE APPLE APPLE!...NOKIA better have some serious PR power behind it and spin the idea that a phone that is inexpensive doesn't mean its a "cheap" performing phone like their last Lumia 900..they priced it soo low @$99 that everyone I knew that wanted 1 assumed it must have been a hunk of junk to be offered at that price and they stayed away.....I for 1 would love to see Verizon offer any top shelf phone for that price instead of $299
    Tom Pajak
    • Not true everywhere

      At our ATT store, they are pushing Android. However, when I asked about Windows Phone, they said it was a really nice phone and way worth it for the price.
      • How do they know?

        Did they have one to demonstrate?

        Sounds like NOT.
        Cylon Centurion
        • They didn't have one to demonstrate?

          You mean they're sold out of Lumias?
          • You mean the two they had in stock?

            Or the ones they never had to begin with?

            Cylon Centurion
  • Did Nokia go nuclear against the competition with its PureView tech?

    The camera tech in the Lumia 920 seems absolutely remarkable. I believe with great marketing, and great management and influence over the retail experience, Lumia devices can make significant encroachments on the competition.

    P. Douglas
    • check out second 00:27 of the video

      and look in the window. you can clearly see this was filmed with a full filming rig on a van, not by a guy on a bike
      • Yes using the 920 camera tech with osi on and off

        This is how all these are done. How do you think the guy was also filmed? Did you think he was going to be riding the bike while holding one phone with osi on and another phone with it off?
        Johnny Vegas
        • Nokia has already admitted on their website

          that the video was not even filmed with the 920, it was filmed with a professional DSLR camera.
          • So that means...

            OMG, so the Nokia 920 doesn't insert acoustic guitar background music during recording either?!!
  • What Buzz?

    The problem is you believe there is buzz about Windows Phone. Microsoft pretty much killed that kicking all the 7 / 7.5 users to the curb.

    Windows Phone share has decreased since it's been out, legacy Windows Mobile has a larger market share!?

    And agree the carriers are not helping, they sell iPhone and Android and that's it.

    920 looks solid, if they could dump Metro UI it would be a winner.
    • dump Metro?

      You obviously don't know what you're talking about.
    • And grocery stores...

      front old milk. Not much difference.
    • Nope. Sorry. Fail again.

      Boy, you haters are just grabbing at straws. Your all just absolutly terrified arnt you! Ha!

      This is hilarious. Well, sorry haters, the WP8 is on the way and it looks to be quite a success story.
  • Why?

    Why does Microsoft announce a new product when it won't be available for a long time afterwards? It really bums me out. I would have rather they waited until the phone was ready. Can you even imagine what would have happened if Microsoft and Nokia surprised everyone today and announced that the phone will go on sale tomorrow? For $99 maybe even? How bout the 1st 10 people to the ATT store get one free? The reaction would have been enormous. The amount of free press and internet chatter would have bogged down the internet and people would have been lining up in the stores. Now THAT is a press conference!!! But no. There will be nothing until the end of Oct. or sometime in Nov. when people might have already decided on their gifts for Christmas. By that time, all the hype will be gone. People would have been staring at the pictures, reading all the press and looking at the specs for a long time and it will just be a non-event. They'll go on sale and no one will even know about it. In the mean time, other phones will come out. Apple will announce a new phone and, on that day, start taking pre-orders. And, just like before, people will blindly buy (at double the price of any other phone on the market) the phone site-unseen. Microsoft beat Apple to the announcement by 1 week but Apple will beat Microsoft by 1 month in availability.

    Argh. I want it now.
    • Not true

      "Apple will announce a new phone and, on that day, start taking pre-orders."

      Apple has been announcing the iPhone for months now. Those "leaks" aren't all by accident.

      Apple just goes about pre announcing things a little differently. It is dishonest and underhanded but you can't really blame them for continuing to do these things considering how well they work. As long as it isn't illegal, I don't even really care that it is immoral. Corporations have no obligation to be moral, they just have to be profitable.
      • Not really.

        That's really not announcing if you're spreading rumors. What I meant was announcing as in holding an official press conference. The new Nokia phone rumors have also been around for a long time but today, it's official. We know what it is, what it does and what it will look like. We still really don't know for sure what the iPhone will even look like let alone what features it will have. We will all find that out next week at the official announcement. Apple is sure good at keeping stuff under wraps. I really can't wait to see it. Even though, I probably won't buy it.
        • Who says that is the only way?

          "What I meant was announcing as in holding an official press conference."

          Why is this the only acceptable way of a marketing department announcing a product? It is one way. It is the traditional way. It is the way that worked well back when the Internet wasn't as ubiquitous as it is now.

          Products are announced in many different stages. Different companies use different strategies and timing for the stages. Apple chooses to delay their official announcement stage and go more for a "leak early and leak often" type of approach. This approach has many advantages and only a couple disadvantages. This approach won't work for all companies all the time but Apple is making it work for them. Kudos to them I say.

          This is all marketing and it is undeniable that Apple's success is largely due to its unconvential, incredibly successful marketing department. Just ask many of the ZDNet talkbackers like Robert Hahn, he knows EXACTLY what I'm talking about.
          • And has your constant whining put a dent into Apple sales?

            Tell us the %age points that have dropped ever since you started your ridiculous false-equivalency tests.
            Cylon Centurion