Will there be a new meaning to 'glassy-eyed stare'?

Will there be a new meaning to 'glassy-eyed stare'?

Summary: What will Google Glass users stare at?

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Without a handheld screen to look at, Google Glass users will likely find themselves in a socially awkward position when out in public. They will have nothing to avert their gaze to as they had with their smartphone. They will likely look like blind men staring off into a void. 

Surely there will be a new definition of "glassy-eyed stare".

By the way, here's a fascinating little peek into Google's senior level executive meetings, as told by Eric Schmidt — most of them can't make eye contact with each other.

Curt Woodward, senior editor at Xconomy, wrote:

During Schmidt's decade as Google CEO, before co-founder Larry Page took the helm, there was a standing rule for one senior-executive meeting: No computers, no smartphones, and talk to each other face-to-face for one hour per week.

It was so hard to resist the pull of the web, though, that Schmidt had to walk around the meeting room and look for people hiding their phones under the table, dispensing fines to the offenders.

"Even one hour per week, you couldn't have a civilized conversation. So when Larry replaced me, he gave up. And now I sit in the meeting, typing away like everybody else, with no eye contact. So if you like eye contact, I'm sorry — you lost," he said to laughs.

 — Schmidt: Google Glass critics "afraid of change", society will adapt | Xconomy

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  • I like the idea of google glass

    But I don't know if I would actually put money on that kind of device... A nice smartwatch to keep me from digging my pocket for my phone so much would be useful, but the classes... I don't know it looks awkward to have those on your face... Tell me when they make eye lenses with the same capacities. In a couple of years, maybe.
    Throw All The Things
    • What Google Glass means for me.

      The first time I see someone attending one of our meetings wearing Google glasses, it will be "Leave that outside or stay outside". It will be amazing the amount of information that is not meant to be released outside a business meeting that will find its way on the Internet because of that awful idea. You can be sure that developers will find a way to make the Google glass a total waste. Google, Apple and the others have to understand that it is because something can be technically done that it should be done. Anyway, they are not cool and people wearing them will look like total nolife geeks.

      With that crap, how can we know if we are filmed? How can we know if someone supposed to be doing something else isn’t online, wasting it’s time? I understand that we have to get used to it because the next step will probably be brain implants but I am sure that the human species isn’t ready for Google glass. Anyway, they are not cool and people wearing them will look like total
      • How do you know you aren't being filmed right now?

        How do you know your employees aren't wasting time on their computers, no matter what the size, right now? if these are the things you are worried about then you may as well ban all metallic items from your meeting rooms. Only paper and plastic pens allowed. In the meantime I hope you have the budget for the security personnel required to ensure your workforce isn't using any of these newfangled spying and time wasting items, plus the budget for the increased workforce you'll need to get the same amount of work done using only pen and paper in your workplace.
        Michael Kelly