Win XP antivirus compared - last time?

Win XP antivirus compared - last time?

Summary: AV-Test, an independent lab, has tested Windows XP antivirus products, perhaps for the last time. Many products do very well.

TOPICS: Security, Windows

Independent test lab AV-Test has completed a test of nine corporate and 23 consumer antivirus products on Windows XP. Nearly all of the products detected all or nearly all of the malware in the test.

AV-Test has stated that this test will probably be their last such comparison on Windows XP.

The large majority of products achieved very good scores and three of the consumer products got perfect 18.0 scores: Bitdefender Internet Security 2014, Kaspersky Lab Internet Security 2014 and Panda Security Cloud Antivirus FREE 3.0. The top score among corporate products was for Trend Micro Office Scan 11.0.

AV-Test produces three test scores for each product, each from 0.0 to 6.0 with granularity of 0.5, and adds them up for a total score. The three categories are for Protection, Performance and Usability.

They define Protection as "[p]rotection against malware infections (such as viruses, worms or Trojan horses)." Performance is "[t]he average impact of the security product on the speed of the computer in daily use" — i.e., it is a measure of impact on system performance. Usability is "[d]isruptions caused by false positives and false warning messages." We have always considered "usability" an odd choice of name for this categorization; "Accuracy" or "False Positives" would be more appropriate.

AV-Tests protection tests used 24,105 known malware samples and 158 unknown samples. Tests were performed both in May and June to show effects as the company updated signatures and other features.

Image: AV-Test

Among the corporate products, right behind Trend Micro's 17.5 score came three products with 17.0: Bitdefender Endpoint Security 5.3, Kaspersky Lab Endpoint Security 10.2 and McAfee VirusScan Enterprise with EPO 8.8. The rest all did respectably, except for Microsoft System Center Endpoint Protection 4.3, which is tested as a control.

After the three perfect consumer product scores, McAfee Internet Security 2014 scored 17.5 and eight others got at least 16.0. Microsoft Security Essentials, also always included as a control for consumer products, scored 9.5. Incredibly, there was a commercial product, AhnLab V3 Internet Security 8.0, which did worse with a score of 9.5.

Image: AV-Test

One lesson to draw from the tests is that the alternative free products, such as Panda Security Cloud Antivirus FREE, are far better products than Microsoft Security Essentials. Users who persist in using Windows XP would do well to abandon Microsoft Security Essentials for one of these.

Topics: Security, Windows

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  • Bunch of lies

    This "test" results are nothing more then marketing lies. Trend Micro or Mcafee or Symantec has not been catching much viruses over the past 6 years. We ( it consultants) face viruses every day and test variety of products all the time. This "reports" just full the consumer.
    In my opinion Eset (nod) and Kaspersky are the best.
    • Anti-Virus products are snakeoil

      I don't like Kaspersky, it filters your https (SSL) connections into Kaspersky lab, and I don't like that!! I don't like anti-virus because it slows down any system and consumes a lot of memory. If I am infected I will know because my base RAM usage will not be the same. I know my system by heart, if any modules are loaded without my permission, I will know and I will annihilate that module, be it OCX, DLL, COM or EXE.
  • Where do you come up with this C__P?

    are you an engineer using statistacal analysis software / hardware to verify your comment or are you just blowing smoke out your b_tt?
  • Let it die!

    DOS died, Windows 3.11 died, let XP die in peace, RIP XP!
    • Its not that simple….

      Consider all those pensioners that are running XP on Pentium 4 machines that have known nothing else and have no desire to upgrade to a new machine and Windows 8.1 which would be totally alien to them.

      Consider all those who have spent a lot of money on expensive software and it is not compatible with Windows 8.1

      Consider all those medium size companies that have in excess of fifty Pentium 4 Dell PC's running XP and to upgrade would be beyond their budget.

      Its easy to say "Let XP die" because you are in a fortunate enough position to afford to make the necessary upgrades.

      Think of others prior to making such blanket statements.
      • Even snails can run 7/8.1

        Even P4 can run 7/8.1
        • Pentium 4

          Windows 8.1 runs well with Pentium 4. Now that they don't want take the small amount of time to learn Windows 8.1 is a different story. All my Windows programs run on 8.1.
  • Foreseen is correct

    Let it die. I mean even Linux distro's do not support that old of software.
    • Re: Linux distro's….

      Suitable for Pensioners = Highly Unlikely in most cases

      Suitable for those with incompatible software = No unless running XP in a virtual environment which kind of defeats the object.

      Suitable for Medium sized companies = Unlikely

      As I say "Let XP die" is a blanket statement without due consideration regarding individual scenarios.
      • XP will fade, but won't be Killed

        I have a 2.8ghz p4 with 3GB Ran machine that keeps pace with many duo machines, streams movies, plays games and works just fine. It is customized just the way I want it. It has 12 USB 2.0 hubs 4 USB 3.0 hubs and great graphics. The mobo was the best of its day and keeps pace still. Win 8.1 does not work, it has driver issues and video issues and costs way too much to upgrade. (I tried 8 I hate it and refuse to install it ever again.) Why lose months or years of hard work customizing your system, lose many of your programs and functionality for 8 when everything works just fine? I have 2 3.4 duo's I use Win 7 with and they work just fine. I will NEVER be forced into having 8 or buying new hardware just to run it. I will not change my personal preferences to satisfy someone else s, which is what Microsoft and others want us to do.
  • Paid for in full.....

    Any test result where McAfee is not last or next to last is pretty much a purchased result and meaningless.

    Is there anything that is NOT for sale these days?