Windows 8 companion app helps Microsoft desktops and phones sync better

Windows 8 companion app helps Microsoft desktops and phones sync better

Summary: The companion app, published shortly before Microsoft's big Windows Phone 8 unveiling, makes mit possible to sync devices running the OS with laptops and tablets running Windows 8 or RT.


Microsoft has released a Windows Phone 8 companion app for its new desktop operating systems, Windows 8 and Windows RT.

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The app, apparently published just before Windows Phone 8 gets fully detailed on Monday, makes it possible to synchronise photos, videos and music between Microsoft's mobile and desktop devices.

According to the listing information, the app's functionality gets embedded in various Windows 8 features — for example, the user does not need to fire up the app in order to pull photos from their Windows Phone 8 device into their desktop Photos app.

The app also makes it possible to "see at a glance how much space you’re using for each type of content", in order to help manage space on the handset.

Microsoft officially launched Windows 8 on Friday, and will take the wraps off Windows Phone 8 on Monday.

That launch event is taking place in San Francisco, so it should remain unaffected by Hurricane Sandy, which has already led to the postponement of a Google Nexus launch event that was happen in New York on Monday.

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