Windows 8 Tablets: The most successful tablets ever.

Windows 8 Tablets: The most successful tablets ever.

Summary: Are you going to buy a Windows 8 tablet or smart phone? It will be interesting to see who bites first on the coming wave, you or your employer.

Windows 8 and Tablets are a winning combination

Soon, you and users around the world will be able to purchase your very own Windows 8 Tablet computers. Though I haven't been lucky enough to review one yet, I feel as if they'll take the market by storm for one single reason alone: Windows 8. Tablets have been around for years. Windows has been around for years. Windows tablets have been around for years. So, what's so special about Windows tablets now? The answer is simply, Windows 8.

But, that's only the answer to the first part of the question. The answer to the second part of the question is, support.

Windows 8 and support. That's what's so special about Windows tablets now.

Why do I feel like Windows 8 is going to push tablet computing into the mainstream including corporate computing in such a big way?

First, Microsoft has many Enterprise-level partner agreements with its customers. That means that Microsoft's own tablet will be available in bulk for those customers, preloaded with Windows 8 that's ready for corporate work. You're looking at millions of units just for corporate use.

Second, it's Windows. Windows, like Mac, has its fans. Windows is familiar, it's well known by users, it's a recognizable brand. Everyone uses Windows. Everyone knows Microsoft will be there tomorrow and the day after that. There's comfort in that stability.

Third, people will use at home what they use at work. How many people will buy technology that they also use at work? A lot. Personal computers users want to become more familiar with the workings of their office environments and will therefore purchase accordingly. Similarly, if you use a Mac at work, you're more likely to purchase one for home use. People love consistency. Millions more units.

Fourth, a lot of consumers will buy into Windows 8 tablets because of its more tablet-friendly interface. Large icons and a swipey interface make it easier for people to use on this hardware. Previous Windows versions were mouse-driven. This one begs for a touch screen. And, it's more user friendly than Apple's iOS. Seriously. It's Windows plus you have the intuitive interface that begs to be swiped and touched. Apple's iOS can leave people a little confused. Task switching in iOS is not intuitive.

Finally, Microsoft's support is going to be long-lived. They still support Windows XP. That means that while your (my) iPad 1 is no longer support just two short years after its release, the Windows tablet will likely be supported by Windows 9, Windows 10 and possibly beyond. Think about it. If you purchased a Windows tablet computer in 2001 (Almost exactly 11 years ago to the day), when Windows XP first hit the market, your tablet would still be supported and it's likely that you could upgrade it to Windows 7 or even Windows 8 with no issues. In fact, it might run better with Windows 8 on it. So, for my $600, I could have a device that's supported for 10+ years instead of two. That's an easy decision for me to make.

And, since Windows is such a versatile platform and uses standard hardware, it's likely that you can run virtual machines on it with a Type 2 Hypervisor or dual boot it with Linux. You aren't limited to a single OS nor are you limited to a single function computer/game system that may well be obsoleted by its manufacturer in two years.*

The best of all worlds indeed.

I've used Windows 8 for a while now with no issues. It works well with all of my services, programs and idiosyncrasies. I haven't had a moment of trouble with it. Honestly.

It's almost as if Microsoft thought about the past and decided not to repeat its mistakes. They put real thought into the next generation of computing and what users really need to operate, to communicate and to transition seamlessly from home to work and back again.

If you've followed my column for long, you know that I didn't buy an Android tablet and I reluctantly purchased an Apple iPad 1 (mistake) but I'm looking forward to my brand new Windows tablet with Windows 8 on it. Yes, I am. I'm going to buy one and I'm going to love it.

What about you? Are you going to buy a Windows 8 tablet or opt for a different one? Would your employer's choice make a difference to you? Talk back and let me know.

*Yes, I'm still angry. No, I won't just get over it.

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Kenneth 'Ken' Hess is a full-time Windows and Linux system administrator with 20 years of experience with Mac, Linux, UNIX, and Windows systems in large multi-data center environments.

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  • Windows 8 Tablets: The most successful tablets ever.

    Yet to be seen as the most successful.
    • Glad to see iPad-Android apologists going nuts

      Get jealous all you want. It's inevitable Win8 will take over what is rightfully a Windows market.
      • ROFL


        Oh man, I needed a good laugh today. Thanks. :)
        Technical John
        • LOL Yes

          LOL. Yes, that's what I was doing from reading the headline through the whole article. I give MS props for going mobile, but to say the tablet is the most successful when 8 is not even on the market yet. The ipad is the most successful and will probably continue to be for at least 2 or 3 more years.
        • RIGHTFULLY

          Laugh all you want, but when people are lined up and waiting in the streets for the most stable Operating System (O/S) in the entire WORLD, the Micr0$uck$ LoseDoze 8 O/S will RULE the world! No other tablet gives you the POWER to install the internet or browse the web or point and click or cut and paste or multitask or any of the things that are insanely DIFFICULT if not outright IMPOSSIBLE to on any other tablet! Soon you will see for yourself how the Micr0$uck$ LoseDoze 8 tablets are the end game of all things tablet!
          • Windows is a stable OS????

            Wow!!! It is one thing to make outlandish prediction to grab attention. It is another to claim Windows to be "he most stable Operating System (O/S) in the entire WORLD". That you need to have some facts to back it up. I don't know which world that is. We routinely leave our Linux or UNIX server on for over hundreds of days. Reboot only once a year on schedule or because of kernel updates. My Linux/UNIX team runs 3 times the machines with 1/4 of the personnel than the Windows Server team. And our servers are more stable, beat them every quarter in traffic/server, uptime, security... whichever metric you can find. I would expect the kind of stability parity to be duplicated in a smaller platform. Windows might have its place as an OS. Stability is surely not the reason.
            Guan Hsu
          • Anddd

            What do you think is the most Stable OS? Mac? EL OH EL! They don't even create their own OS. They use a "Shell". Android? EL OH EL! Same as a Mac, another flippin' shell. All under BSD or Linux.
            Is Linux stable? Sure, if you know how to program and debug and create your own Kernals.
            Windows 7 and XP has been very stable for me. Win2000 too. Only unstable OS I have seen was ME. Vista was kind of stable, but not as stable as it is for the first 3 OS. At least Microsoft MAKES IT'S OWN KERNAL AND CODE.
            Joe Oliveira
          • Mac is more stable then Windows

            Bought my first Mac in 2004, Powerbook G4, lasted me 5-6 years. B4 that i owned too many PC computers with windows.

            Ask me how many years ive gone without installing an Anti Virus program on my Mac or a Spyware Program on my mac. Never had them, Never needed them dont have them now and my Macs run consistent every single day with out any instability or loss of speed. Windows is crap, always will be. But maybe 8 will be highly unlikely
            Raphael Mastromonaco
          • only US APPLE

            do that to people... the rest of you and your products are CRAP...!!
      • Welcome to the Grand Illusion!

        How are the Zunes and Microsoft Kins selling these days? Were those rightful "Windows markets" ?
      • I don't own either

        That makes Lbiege to be a troll.

      • I don't know about RIGHTFULLY a Windows market

        But Microsoft dominates pretty much any market it WANTS.

        During the 1980's, it took the educational market away from Apple.
        During the 1990s, it took the server market away from UNIX.

        Academic research is still dominated by Linux (as the successor to UNIX) but on the desktop, but During the 2000s, Microsoft took the netbook market away from Linux.

        Now that Apple has relegated Android to sub-$400 price-points, in 2012, Microsoft is in a position to take on Apple at it's own game. Apple will not be beat but the outcome will be that Apple and Microsoft will be on an equal footing in tablets.

        Larger Intel OEMs will be taking on Apple with ultrabooks and smaller Intel OEMs will be putting Windows 8 tablets up against ARM-OEMs selling Windows RT tablets in the $299 to $499 price range and Android will slowly fade away in all but fringe markets.
        M Wagner
        • Windows Phone DOA

          "But Microsoft dominates pretty much any market it WANTS."

          Microsoft WANTED to enter the music-player market. Hence the Zune, now dead.

          Microsoft WANTED to enter the smartphone market as Windows Mobile was made obsolete immediately by the iPhone. Hence the Kin, then Windows Phone 7, then 7.5 phones. All were DOA with market share off less than 1%. Microsoft will exit the phone business in 2-3 years after Ballmer "retires".

          Windows 8 will be a far greater disaster than Vista and Microsoft Bob combined.
          • Windows 8 will be a far greater disaster than Vista and Microsoft Bob combi

            I highly doubt it, Windows Phone 7 n Windows 8 is epic. All I can see is an Apple freak.
          • Pot, meet kettle

            You see a Apple freak in him and based on your post all we can see is an MS fanboy in you. To each their own but it doesn't make one any better than the other.
          • Win Phone Epic!?

            In my day to day life i meet hundreds maybe thousands of people each month, I have yet to run into someone with a windows phone...EVER! lol Now Win 8 will remain to be seen, ill give it a chance bc we know nothing about it in the real world yet
            Raphael Mastromonaco
          • Ish...

            People seem to forget Win CE, Win 6 and WinP7...
            Microsoft has been throwing horrible mobile systems at people for decades it seems. Now that they're forcing their whole base to dive in, it could be decent or just abuse. I'm not sure confusing consumers with "sorta all in one hype" will equal dominance...
            I actually thought Windows mobile was good enough until I tried Palm back in the day.
            Odd but true, but with dataviz palm to go, I had better mobile office doc synching than anything windows phone or MS offered back then.
            Then Apple came along and showed me what true Exchange synching was, and there are better alternatives to office now for a non locked market. A sad but true storie. In the meanwhile I saw Microsoft canabolize and cripple alternatives with their monopoly muscle...
          • Whin on.

            I sure love your Whining. It puts Whining in best pespective
            Alfred Soyemi
          • I have a nokia Lumia windows phone

            And it's hands down the best phone I've ever had. I think Apple should be worried. It's fast, it works flawlessly, and using skydrive I'm 100% connected and synched to my laptop and desktop. I agree that some of microsoft products have sucked, but as of right now everyting is working perfectly. I am so impressed by MS right now i'm thinking about buying the stock again.
            Joe Padilla
          • Win Phone

            Honestly, if it works for you then i cant hate.
            Raphael Mastromonaco