Windows Phone Lumia with 3D gesture support rumored for November

Windows Phone Lumia with 3D gesture support rumored for November

Summary: There are a number of rumored Lumia handsets in the Microsoft pipeline. But it's not until this fall that the next major 'hero' phone, possibly with 3D gesture support, is expected.


While Microsoft has only owned Nokia's handset business for just over a month, many are wondering what's on the Microsoft Windows Phone handset line-up for the rest of this year.


The most recent high-end "flagship" phones launched under the Lumia brand were the Icon (aka Lumia 929) on Verizon, and the Lumia 930, its sibling device that is hitting other countries this summer.

After that, it's codename soup. There are a bunch of entry-level and mid-range Lumia devices expected to hit this year (Rock, Tesla and Superman -- see this June 5 post from @evleaks for the rumored particulars).

Then come this fall will be "McLaren," which @evleaks described as a flagship device running Windows Phone 8.1 GDR (General Distribution Release 1, a k a the first Windows Phone 8.1 set of feature updates) that is expected to hit just before the holidays this year. Supposedly, this device will be available on AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile. has chimed in with some rumors of its own, claiming that McLaren might be the same as the previously rumored "Goldfinger" Lumia device. Like @evLeaks, WPCentral's Daniel Rubino also is hearing McLaren/Goldfinger will be a hero device launching across all the major U.S. carriers.

McLaren also may be the first Lumia device to get the rumored 3D touch/gesture support that some had expecting to be part of the Windows Phone 8.1 operating system.

I don't have any first-hand leaks of my own -- at least so far -- to add to this rumored Lumia line-up. As expected, Microsoft isn't commenting on any of these alleged future handsets.

Microsoft made its billions being a low-cost, high-volume player. While the company will no doubt continue to make some higher-end/hero handsets, many company watchers are expecting the MicroKia duo to put more effort into the less-pricey low/mid range -- including the Android-based Nokia X phones -- in order to try to pump up its market share. 

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  • First things first...

    Stop making the so called Nokia X phone... WP8.1 is capable of running on dirt cheap hardware...
    Publish touch based Office on Windows first...

    If somebody is not happy about it, just fire them, even if its Satya N.
    • Too late

      Office for iPad is already here. Nadella certainly risks no firing for putting Office and cloud first....
      • ipad sales are down

        MSFT needs to diversify, with ipad sales plunging, they know the only two growing platforms, windows and android are essential.
    • don't see a problem

      WinPhone already has a limited functionality Office client (how much editing do you really want to do on a phone?) and for the windows versions - let them use other platforms as lower functionality test beds just as long as when the windows versions come they have more functionality (like they used to do with windows vs mac)
      • yup

        the build preview of gemeni seemed more functional than the ipad version.
    • perfectly capable but

      it is not what most people desire. they may not be fair to Windows Phone (I have a lumia and I think it's great) but what are you going to do if they just don't want to buy it?
  • Touch 3d

    Kinnect for phone? Sounds cool.
  • Microsoft made billions?

    Microsoft made its billions being a low-cost, high-volume player? Then why has Microsoft been in the 1-3% marketshare for the past few years....since the phone's debut?

    Let's get real,.....nobody wants Lumia Phones! They can hire all the actors to play "fathers" and "teachers" and "female business owners" and "ski-enthusiasts" who all have IMDB profiles.............nobody wants the phone....the Lumia phone.
    • market share

      In 1Q 2014 Windows Phone had 2.2% market share, down from 2.9% in 4Q 2013.

      Nokia was down to 10th place among smartphone eom's.

      Maybe Nokia will do better now it is owned by Microsoft, but it has a very long way to go.
      • IDC

        globally windows phone is doing better. actually the only growth platform.
        • market share

          The 2.2% and all the rest of the numbers are global, not USA.

          Face it, Windows Phone is a failure. Maybe Microsoft will rescue it, but it was first released 3 1/2 years ago, and so far it has been a dud in the marketplace.
          • I disagree

            I am seeing more an more people on Windows phone. They like it and feel it is superior to the other platforms, which, of course it is. Share is growing. Throw out Windows 7 as the baseline and you see very good growth. Remember to calculate by percentage growth, not the "2%" growth that is always used. if you calculate correctly you will see Windows Phone growing at a much faster pace than either Android or IOS.
          • wrong

            Wrong, Windows Phone share dropped from 2.9 % 4th quarter to 2.2% 1st quarter. Besides that, every phone is being sold below cost, and Nokia is losing money so fast that Microsoft had to buy it out before it went bankrupt.
          • whatever

            Shut up Eddie... lol =P
          • Using a statistic that admits it has a larger room for error?

            Quoted from your source: "This does mean we have more room for error. Also I have less data points for various players that I report on."

            Coming from Business Wire: "Microsoft’s Windows Phone (essentially Nokia/Microsoft) continued its steady progress with 16% sequential growth and an increase of 1% in market share. 'Microsoft Windows Phone is currently the only viable third ecosystem.'"

    • High standards?

      One Lumia is selling for about every 4-5 iPhones. I'm not sure how you come to the conclusion of "no one" wanting a lumia.

      Obviously there is a market for Windows Phone. Seeing that about 15 new companies have decided to start making Windows Phones all over the world, it seems they think there is a market also.
      • because

        they don't read IDC numbers which put the iphone at about 12% marketshare and WP at about 4%. Meaning basically what you say: there are a lot of iphones and therefore a lot of windows phone. But there is so much android that basically the WP number looks smaller than it is. People don't talk about how the iphone is about to dip into single digits meaning that the fact WP has single digits means there is a LOT of lumias out there.

        more importantly: iOS: down. WP up. trends friends. trends.
    • I am real

      and I want the Lumia phones, and nothing else.
    • the mac

      is in the single digits marketshare for 15 years and proved profitable.
    • I have a Lumia phone...

      and this is my third windows phone device. I am not a sheep.. I buy what is right for me. Now go baa someplace else.