With a month to go until Windows 8's launch, 2,000-plus Windows Store apps

With a month to go until Windows 8's launch, 2,000-plus Windows Store apps

Summary: Microsoft currently has just over 2,000 apps in the Windows Store, a month before Windows 8 and Windows RT are set to launch.


A month from today, on October 25, Microsoft will launch Windows 8 in New York City.


With 30 days to go before Windows 8 and Windows RT become generally available, how are things looking from an app perspective?

As of yesterday, September 24, there were 2,188 Windows Store applications available internationally, with 1,593 of those available in the U.S., according to Directions on Microsoft Vice President of Research Wes Miller. There are approximately 150 apps that are available for x86/x64 machines and not ARM, Miller said. In other words, there are about 150 apps in the Windows Store currently that do not work on both x86/x64 (Windows 8) and ARM (Windows RT).

(Miller said he is monitoring the Store total using publicly available information. Microsoft is not providing app counts to him or to others publicly.)

The total is up from about 530 apps available in the Windows Store as of mid-August, Miller said. There are about 60 to 120 apps being added to the store daily, he said. Microsoft fully opened the Windows Store for app submission globally as of September 11.

Of the global apps Miller found, 84 percent listed were free. Games and Entertainment are still the leading categories, though productivity is showing considerable gains, Miller said.

Miller is collecting stats on Windows Store -- a k a, "Metro-Style" -- apps only. These are applications built using the Windows Runtime (WinRT) programming interface, which are available for discovery, purchase and download via Microsoft's app-store, which will be part of Windows 8 and Windows RT tablets and PCs.

Windows 8 users also will be able to discover and obtain information about Desktop Apps, which are Win32/64 applications that will be allowed to be listed in the Windows Store on Windows 8, but which won't be directly downloadable or purchasable through the Windows Store.

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Mary Jo has covered the tech industry for 30 years for a variety of publications and Web sites, and is a frequent guest on radio, TV and podcasts, speaking about all things Microsoft-related. She is the author of Microsoft 2.0: How Microsoft plans to stay relevant in the post-Gates era (John Wiley & Sons, 2008).

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  • bah...

    Looks like they have as many apps as they will have of MetroPhone sales.
    • Nice

      They'll have millions of apps?
      Michael Alan Goff
      • Millions of apps!

        Nokia alone has sold about 10 million Lumia's already. That would be amazing if Windows Store gets that many apps.

        I think Microsoft is holding back a lot of big name apps for launch. For example we know there is a Netflix app and it shows up on devices at trade shows, but it's not available in the store for people with RTM version. Windows 8 is going to reach hundreds of millions of PC users, I'm not worried about developer support. I just wish we had more apps to play with right now.
        • confusion

          your confusing wp8 and w8... wp8 has about 200k apps
          • This underscores the problem MS historically has had with naming...

            WP8, W8, W8 RT.....

            I'm an admitted Android fanboy but I'm a tech enthusiast first. I hope MS figures this out.

            The way Apple and Google have gone about it is there is one store for phone AND tablet. But apparently WP8 will have a different store than W8 even though it uses the same processor.

            I think if they display W8 (ARM) apps in both the Windows Store and Windows Phone store OR unify EVERYTHING into one Windows Store and only display apps that are designed for that device.

            I thought I remember them saying something like this but I haven't heard anything in a while that would jog my memory.
          • It's totally different

            iPad and iPhone both use iOS, whereas wp8 and windows RT are totally different OSs albeit sharing the same kernel. You can't just make an app for the the windows RT tablet and have it run on a phone like with iOS or android. You have to port it fist.
            Will Menzies
          • Metro apps

            I always thought that all the metro apps written for win RT will work with windows 8, windows RT and window Phone 8 with porting needed. One metro code will work for all windows devices are the selling point of windows 8.
          • Windows Phone 8 has about 200k apps

            As of today Windows Phone has 115,900 apps
          • So,

            You're calling Mary Jo AND MS VP Wes Miller liars? From the article above: "As of yesterday, September 24, there were 2,188 Windows Store applications available internationally, with 1,593 of those available in the U.S., according to Directions on Microsoft Vice President of Research Wes Miller."
          • You are confusing the Windows Store with the App Marketplace

            Two totally different things. Windows Phone has over 100,000 apps. Windows RT (Windows 8) has not yet been released. The store only as about 2000 apps.
    • You should use the name NOmoreTrollsATall

      that way you could delete yourself!

      ROTFL! :D
      William Farrel
  • Two years later MS changes its software infrastructure yet again

    and MJ will post another aticle "hey guys check it out 2000 apps until next wp" MS fans don't know what to do from this exciting news....at that time Nokia has been bankrupt!
    • Windows Store for Windows 8

      MJ is reporting in this article about the apps in the new Windows Store for Windows 8 and RT, the successor of the desktop OS Windows 7. This has nothing to do with Windows Phone and / or Nokia.
      • yeah u are right my bad

        their win 8 products became so confusing i thought she was talking about native apps on wp8, but it doesn't change the fact that MS may change their software infrastructure for WinRT too that's what they did all the time after 2000 i can't remember they have stayed on one platform more than two years ;)
        • Then you need to pay more attention ...

          Win32 has been Microsoft's premier API since it's introduction in 1993 almost 20 years ago! While Microsoft introduced several new/alternative development platforms (e.g. VB, .NET), all were geared towards specific audiences / scenarios.

          .NET, for example, is now 11 years old and is supported from the server to the desktop, from the tablet to the phone.

          Regardless, Win32 remains the primary app/dev platform on Windows. Even Windows 8's new WinRT API is essentially a layer of COM objects sitting on top of Win32.
          • Win32 is not primary .NET is...seems you don't have proper knowledge of

            ms programming and i don't have really time to argue with you about that!
            if you knew you would have been familiar with abandon platforms like .NET 1 , WinForm etc do they include or allow to include those platforms in their OS? as a matter of fact yes that is the reason it is over layered and bloated!
            just compare Java with .NET and what was their changes with every new version and backward compatibility so you will see what i'm talking about , a neat platform vs a mess! changes between swing and javafx is more than 10 years what about MS every 1-2 years you will have a dramatic big update!
          • Proper knowledge you say?

            Before accusing someone else of being stupid...

            You can perfectly run any .Net application on windows 8. I have been making .NET apps from version 1.1 and it was never difficult to migrate these to higher versions (at least not for WinForms applications, with ASP.NET 1.1 applications you may have a point there, but since version 2.0, there have not been any more "dramatic" updates).

            WinForms is not dead... while MS doesn't seem to add features anymore, you can still create WinForms applications and you will be able to do that for many years to come.

            I don't know that it is that favorable that a platform stays the same for 10+ years. It seems to me you may be missing out quite a bit as new hardware like touch screens, sensors, etc... comes available in an increasing number of pc's.

            Just my two cents...
          • RE: G3niusOwl

            G3niusOwl he is a troll so don't pay any attention to G3niusOwl.
          • My understanding is that WinRT does not sitting on top of Win32

            MS is using WinRT to replace Win32 over time. Both WinRT and Win32 sit on top of the Windows Kernel Services. That is what I understand, but I am not an expert.
        • NT kernel

          MS has been using the NT kernel for so many years without change. And also their systems are all backward compatible.
          But for Apple users, they couldn't use Apple II softwares in their Mac. And then iOS apps can't be used in OSX. So if you compare backward compatibility, MS has a better record than Apple.