World Cup websites struck down by DDoS attacks

World Cup websites struck down by DDoS attacks

Summary: Several government and sponsor websites have been targeted by hackers.

TOPICS: Security, Government

Various websites associated to the World Cup have been struck by a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack ahead of the tournament's opening match on Thursday.

The official government World Cup website has been down for more than a day, as well as the websites of some host states. Hacking collective Anonymous has claimed responsibility for the attacks.

The hacker group has published a list of over 60 websites that have successfully taken down and are still offline at the time of writing, including as the Brazil website of recording giant Universal Music.

Public figures that are perceived by the hackers as supportive of the government and the World Cup are also being targeted. Various performers such as Caetano Veloso, Mariana Aydar, and Filipe Catto have had the content of their websites replaced by anti-FIFA messages or taken down.

Last month, the internal communications system of the Brazilian Ministry of External Relations was also hacked, with a possible leak of confidential information.

Even though Anonymous has not claimed direct responsibility for the attack, it has released a YouTube video justifying it and citing general dissatisfaction with the World Cup.

Back in February, the hackers said they were preparing for a string of cyberattacks to FIFA and sponsor websites during the World Cup, including DDoS attacks, as well as website defacement and data theft.

The Anonymous group has vowed to continue the attacks and is posting regular updates on Twitter under the hashtags #OpHackingCup and #OpWorldCup.

Topics: Security, Government

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  • You missed the List of Websites hacked

    Here you can find the list of all websites, hacked, defaced, or tangodown under the hacking operation #OpHackingCup #OpWorldCup

    Thank You
  • Criminals

    Another example of a group of criminals trying to pretend to be do-gooders but still criminals.
    • AMEN!

      And dead on!
    • Why don't they do something useful

      Why don't they do something useful like take down all of the SPAM hosting sites. Must be too difficult for them.
  • Football World Cup

    Every country in the world is calling this the "Football world Cup" (which it is), so America please stop calling it "The World Cup" No one will get confused with "American Football"
    • Football World Cup?

      I, and everyone else here in the UK, has never heard anyone call it the Football World Cup... until now anyway!
      • Football

        In America they call it football because they use their hands to carry the ball.
        • Because 'Murica,

          that's why.
          Jacob VanWagoner
    • Sorry when I see broadcaster's in other countries

      use the term World Cup - I think you might be a little confused. And by-the-way you need to look at the where the author was from you jack-wagon.
  • General dissatisfaction with the World Cup?

    So now they feel they have the right to hack a site because they disagree with who drew who as an opponent?
    • There's politics involved

      If you get your news from purely American sources, you probably don't know about it.
  • Too easy to give them credit

    Since they are "anonymous" it can be anyone trying to give the anons brand a bad name. Think about it! So easy for anyone to do something like this, anger the public and give "Anonymous" a bad rep.
    Radomir Wojcik
    • While true to a degree...

      Anonymous has pretty much given themselves a bad rap for years now. So even if that were true - it's pretty much deserved.
    • Bad name

      I don't think they need any help in getting a bad name or reputation from the majority of people.
    • They ought to be in jail.

      These little snots are nothing but criminals...period. And when caught...should spend a minimum of 25 years in jail...without parole.

      And for idiots like you who seemingly think "...anger the public and give "Anonymous" a bad rep."...I have no use for you either.
  • World Cup rejected by a majority of Brazilians

    All surveys show that a majority of Brazilians reject the World Cup being held in their country. Considering how crazy Brazilians are with soccer it is quite a feat to be so hostile to the event. But then tens of billions of dollars are being spent on stadiums when millions of Brazilians don't have access to decent healthcare, education, running water or affordable transportation. The only beneficiaries of the World Cup are crooked politicians, their cronies in the construction business and corrupt FIFA officials. Are you then surprised of such DDOS, protests, strikes etc?
    Pete Clarckson
    • Not the majority

      Pete Clarckson, you are correct except for one thing: it isn't the majority of brazilians reject the World Cup. The majority rejects the corruption and the huge amount of money spent (and stolen!) on this World Cup. But I'm sure most of people here in Brazil will be frenetically watching all the games.
      • Sochi

        Reminds me of the Winter Olympics in Sochi which was even worse. I wonder why Anonymous wasn't upset by that?
  • Feedly taken down by DDoS Attack

    Yesterday Feedly & Evernote were also taken down by a DDoS Attack.
    Looks like the hackers are busy