Wozniak in '84: Apple II a product that could sell 'thousands a month'

Wozniak in '84: Apple II a product that could sell 'thousands a month'

Summary: Long-lost footage of Steve Wozniak speaking to the Denver Apple Pi computer club in 1984.


A hearty bravo to Vince Patton, the entreprising fellow who this week published long-lost video of Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak telling tales about the company to the Denver Apple Pi computer club at the Colorado School of Mines way back in 1984.

The footage -- on VHS tape, naturally -- was saved by Patton's father; Patton turned around and digitized it for our enjoyment. And what a find it was.

In this example, Woz discusses the early days of Apple as a company -- one that knew it had a hit product on its hands but still needed the financing ($250,000, to be precise) to make it happen (not to mention the stomach to quit a job at Hewlett-Packard and go all in).

There are many more:

Indeed, there are more still; Patton split the 90-minute presentation into 23 videos. To walk down memory lane, watch them here.

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  • The long-lost clip of Steve Ballmer selling Windows 1.0 is much more fun

    Granted, he makes used car salesmen look far more noble by comparison, but it's not 1985 anymore...
    • I'll give you that.

      That one is the gem of a lifetime. SO. MUCH. ENERGY.
  • Ah excellent.

    Whatever you think of apple now, it's pretty awesome to see the Woz back then... All that in a year, at 25/6 years old working full time. It took me 2 years to get my RHCE studying around my full time job at the same age!
    • It is great to watch after "The Lost Interview"

      Watching these interviews make you realize both Steve and Steve were far far above most others and define genius. It is little wonder Apple made it big early.