Xerox CFO joins Apple as new corporate controller

Xerox CFO joins Apple as new corporate controller

Summary: Xerox's chief financial officer will leave the printing and digital media giant at the end of February to become Apple's new corporate controller.


Xerox chief financial officer Luca Maestri will leave the company at the end of February to join Apple as the company's new corporate controller.

Apple's new corporate controller Luca Maestri. Credit: NSN

The printing and digital media giant said that the search for a new chief financial officer is under way, while Maestri remains with the company for the next month and a half to ease the transition.

Maestri joined Xerox in February 2011 after serving in the same role at Nokia Siemens Networks since 2008, reports Reuters.

Apple's new corporate controller will work under the company's own chief financial officer, Peter Oppenheimer, who oversees the company's "controller, treasury, investor relations, tax, information systems, internal audit and facilities functions," according to his Apple biography page.

He will replace Betsy Rafael, who retired from the company in October after serving around five years at Apple.

His new role will task Maestri with developing financial policies as well as tracking income and expenses. He will also assist the company in making investment decisions, which could result in him overseeing the Cupertino, Calif.-based technology giant continue its push for new technology acquisitions.

In a statement issued earlier today, Xerox chairman and chief executive Ursula Burns said: "Luca is a stellar finance executive whose contributions have brought great value to the transformation of Xerox into a services enterprise. He's helped strengthen our financial foundation, which will serve his successor, our company and our shareholders well for the long term."

Burns added that Xerox is still on track to meet its fourth quarter guidance of 24-26 cents per share. Xerox will announce its fourth quarter and 2012 fiscal year earnings on January 24.

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  • Xerox CFO joins Apple as new corporate controller

    Let the Apple copying jokes begin....
  • Why not? apple got everything else from Xerox

    Hardly surprising, apple can't come up with any of their own stuff.

    I'm hopeful though. Maybe in 2013, apple will start innovating instead of litigating.
    • education does a world of good

      toddbottom3 LEARN YOUR HISTORY MONKEYBOY! Xerox PARC received Pre-IPO share of stock to let Apple see what PARC was doing and use it in Apple's products. Not copying. I will suggest you read all of the Apple history books out there from 1980s on before spewing crap again.

      Your world must be great since you always have the wrong facts!
      • The facts are...

        apparently not part of toddbottom3s agenda. He seems pretty keen on Apple to innovate 2013 though. Probably because Microsoft desperately needs some new ideas. We see what happens when they are left to their own devices for too long...Surface. Yikes!
        • Surface RT is working really really well for me

          "We see what happens when they are left to their own devices for too long...Surface."

          So this is a good thing.
      • You should have thought about it before hitting Reply

        "to let Apple see what PARC was doing and use it in Apple's products"

        Okay. I'm with you so far. If we believe you, Apple paid to see what another company was doing and to copy the stuff they saw.

        "Not copying"

        Too funny. You can't make this stuff up. Defend the hive.
        • Check a dictionary...though you know exactly what you're doing

          Look up the difference between "inspiration" and "duplication"

          From what I have read and seen MS (finally) did that and used other OSs to inspire them to come up with something innovative with the live tiles aspects of Win 8. That's nice. Was it inspired by the success of other touch interfaces or did it copy? From what I've heard, it was the former. From other things I've seen and read Apple did the same with Xerox Parc and used what they saw there to inspire a new GUI that was practical, effective, and polished. For a while MS dismissed it as a toy...then they tried duplication through their license...and finally in Win 8 they seem to have, if only in a small way, actually innovated. That's progress for us all.

          Duplication.... Inspiration. You're good with words Toddy. You know the difference...though you sometimes try to pretend differently when mis-use of the meaning of words suits the purposes of your employer.
          • Thanks for the clarification

            So when apple copies, it is inspiration. When MS copies, it is duplication, even though you can't point to a single MS product that is a DUPLICATE of an apple product.

            Too funny. Defend the hive.
  • Maybe in 2013... two ^^ could attempt not trolling? - lame as your responses are.
    I'm not hopeful though.