Yahoo buys Flurry to speed up mobile ad monetization

Yahoo buys Flurry to speed up mobile ad monetization

Summary: Yahoo sees Flurry as fueling the "next step" in its ongoing mobile-first strategy.


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Yahoo has built a solid reputation for buying startups left and right, but the technology company's latest target could provide a much more substantial backbone to its mobile-first strategy.

The Sunnyvale, Calif.-based company confirmed on Tuesday afternoon that it is acquiring Flurry, a mobile app analytics firm with offices in San Francisco, New York, London, Chicago and Mumbai.

Founded in 2005, Flurry actually started off as an app developer itself before pivoting into a business that instead provides other mobile developers (along with publishers and marketers) with data on app audience, usage and performance.

According to Yahoo, approximately 170,000 developers across 150 countries use Flurry Analytics and more than 8,000 publishers monetize with the platform.

Flurry then receives app activity from roughly 1.4 billion mobile devices on a monthly basis.

Given Yahoo's ongoing focus on standalone mobile apps (much like some fellow neighbors in Silicon Valley), Flurry's analytics portfolio should help provide some more light into how engaging -- and therefore, successful -- that plan is going.

Scott Burke, senior vice president of advertising technology at Yahoo, explained further in a blog post how not only does Flurry's mobile analytics platform fuel the next step for Yahoo but should really speed things along -- a critical note given last week's disappointing earnings report.

Burke continued:

Our combined offerings will enable more effective mobile advertising solutions for brands seeking to reach their audiences and gain unique insights across desktop and mobile. Our users will benefit from app experiences that are more personalized and inspiring.

Financial terms of the deal have not been disclosed.

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  • They are buying all this crap

    and I still can't change my Yahoo Mail password because the service is either down or it encountered a problem. Fix what you already have Yahoo! Besides, I have been using that same password since high school, it needs to be changed.
    • It's easier to spend money than to make money

      Marissa's gotta show that she is doing something.... Thank goodness her predecessors invested in Alibaba!
    • Try this Yahoo help page for changing your password

      Try this link to help you change your password (from their mail help page):

      But I still think Yahoo should be able to buy companies even though you're having problems with email. :)
  • Smart move

    Good move for Yahoo. Surprised Apple didn't buy Flurry years ago. This should help Yahoo a lot. Ever since they announced they're dumping banner ads and following Airpush and others into the native mobile advertising arena, I knew they would need to boost their analytics capabilities. And they have certainly done that now.
    Andrew Huttle