ZDNet App Wrap: 27 August 2012

ZDNet App Wrap: 27 August 2012

Summary: Dolphin Browser Beta, Drafts, NAB, Sydney University, Facebook, Tiger Airways, Viator Tours and Activities, Australian Good Food and Travel Guide.


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  • (Credit: University of Sydney)

    Sydney Uni

    Platform: Android, iOS (iPhone)

    Price: Free

    The new Sydney Uni app lets you plan routes between classes, access Blackboard, search for library books, see campus events, find staff, browse units of study and more.

  • (Credit: Facebook)


    Platform: iOS (iPhone and iPad), Android

    Price: Free

    Facebook has finally managed to make its iOS app less terrible. The new update is faster and less error prone than the old app was, and it is much nicer to look at, too. Facebook is reportedly now making its staff use the Android app until they update it, so we'll probably see a better version of that app out soon.

  • (Credit: Tiger Airways)

    Tiger Airways

    Platform: iOS (iPhone and iPad), Android

    Price: Free

    Are you a cheap flight addict? Maybe the Tiger Airways app will be for you. You can book flights, see deals and store information on the flights you've bought.

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